Suge Knight Reveals 1Oak Shooter To Police For Leniency


HSK Exclusive – Suge Knight snitched to law enforcement and named the yet to have been revealed man who shot him six times last year at the 10ak nightclub.

An insider is exclusively telling HSK that, the former Death Row Records CEO has already made a deal with prosecutors.

The insider went on to say that, LAPD is currently scooping up gang members off the streets. Know why? Because Suge Knight took a page out of Jimmy Henchmen’s handbook and is snitching on everybody.

Here’s the drop:

“When Suge got shot he said he knows who done it and he’ll handle it without the help of the cops. Now, he’s using who shot him to get out of jail early.”


  1. Suge is like a bad penny that just keeps on turning up and turning up. Just when you think that he is down and out he gets another break.

    • don’t sleep. karma has no deadline.
      much like o.j, this one also did not
      have sense enough to ride-off into
      the sunset and let sleeping dogs lie.
      he’s got no one to blame but himself.

  2. He would give up his grandma to save his lil’ self.
    Suge, it’s gonna be hard for you to go into the witness protection… you too big to hide!

  3. Suge is working with the feds to lock up gang members. Enough said Suge is a govt informant. So he won’t be in prison for long.

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      • Suge is attractive and has aged well with all things considered. I am not necessarily into big dudes, ex convicts, or the beige brigade. He has great skin and looks like he is in his 30s. This infatuation stems from childhood. I sometimes use the Death Row all black Vibe cover as screensaver and if I ever procure a German Shepherd it will most definitely will be named Damu. Suge’s goons were handsome and big like Heron(rip) and Michael Stone. Heron was more muscular as he was good with throwing hands per street talk. I think it is his confidence that makes him sexy coupled with the fact that he seems to do what he pleases with no little penalty. Dude is going to rot in hell, if there is such a place, and if he ever dies. It will be disheartening to learn he worked with the Feds to the demise of his own community.

        • I agree with every word you said. Well except for the part about Damu.

          He reeks of confidence and I find him attractive.
          But I’m not so sure about what’s going on between the ears.

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  6. Is anyone surprised , how many people who have been in contact with this man on some level is no longer amongst the living ! The Feds will keep you on these streets !

  7. There is nothing sexy about Suge. A cold cruel man is not sexy. He looks like a woman beater.

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