Beysus’ Blemishes Go Viral

Beyonce Blemishes

One of hundreds of unretouched photos, leaked online, from Beyonce‘s 2013 L’Oreal ad campaign.


  1. This will rip her narcissistic ego apart., but honestly, she looks really bad, the average woman with average looks with no makeup still looks 10x better than this. My 80yr old grandma looks younger than Beyoncé, those age lines are telling you her true age. Maybe this is KARMA for being sheisty with Ledesi and jacking her Grammy performance spot.

    • That’s what i thought when i first saw this pic! Now ppl can see she’s in her 40’s! W.W was trying to cover for her. Maybe they should stop lying….

      • that’s drug and alcohol abuse trust me it ages you before your time plus constant beatings

        • Lol @ constant beatings, I really hope the rumors aren’t true about Jay hitting her, then again Saggitarian males are violent, and promiscous.

          • Sagittarians are also notoriously homosexual. I got that tidbit from a sexual astrology book written by Martine. I also have personal experience with a very closeted sag.

            • Lucid n T.i!!
              All Sagittarians aren’t gay dumb ass comments from 2either ugly un attractive people ! Or closeted individuals ! Now I’m not trolling but stupid comments on any scale must be checked ! People are gay no matter what their sign may be ass holes !! An I love WOMEN ALL WOMEN somimtake offense that you2 can’t maintain,a relationship coz you stuck at it and not I. A good way ! Plus you all hate Sagittarius sign because it’s actually the best looking one and we don’t take shit bs or not from anything or anyone checkmate ! We are the strongest but we don’t bitch and complain we just get shit done plus all my Women want me back in their life someway shape or form but none of y’all can say that !!! One bad apple doesn’t spoil a whole bunch just leaves a bad taste I your mouth like Deez Nuts !,

      • Grabrielle Union already exposed her age Gluten, but her psychotic stans refuse to believe it.

        • The thing is, I don’t trust that jealous bytch Gabrielle either. She could have said that just to hurt Beyonce’s cred with the younger fans. Now if I saw it in a reputable mag or site, that would be different. I do not believe for a minute she’s 40 yet. She just does not look 10 years older than her sis. And I’ve seen both of them in person close up with very little make up(beach scenario.) They look about 5-6 years apart max.

  2. This photo means nothing As a photographer I can tell you the most beautiful woman in the world can look like the bottom of my shoe ( the really old ones) in poor lighting, and close ups taken with the wrong lens. That’s a fact.
    I am not a Beyonce Stan either. I believe if the shoe fits throw at them. But not this time.

    • I took a second look too. This is sloppy lighting. I just love how the speculat highlights make her face look extra greasy.

    • This is KILLIN’ ME!! If you have to put a camera this close to here face to show imperfection – WHAT THE HELL ARE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT!! I’m not a Bey Stan but Damn its a No-Brainer… She’s a BEAUTIFUL Black Woman. I dont get how this is supposed to a big breaking story.

      • Most photographers working for global corps like Loreal. Use 6×4 cameras with the best lighting money can buy. Even their test photos would look better than that.

        • I dont think you understand what ‘Test’ means. Test photos mean you’ll have bad lighting, makeup, lenses, etc. and you look at the test shots and adjust. Its just a fact that some of the camera angles/shots can/will be unflattering.

          In any case. I still defend Bey (Damn It!). If she looks like this BEFORE Photoshop its no wonder her publicity shots looks so good. BEAUTIFUL Woman, not just pretty. I’m not a fan but I just cant feel the tabloids on this one. Wonder who’s behind the smear job…

          • I don’t think you know what I know. I am referring to testing your lighting. I know exactly what I am talking about.

            • Black Opz can you say light meter? Can you say light testing with your light meter for proper exposure? I said test and I meant test.

            • Yea I know what a light meter is. I’m disputing the point about “Even their test photos would look better than that” – Not true. Your thinking about discards from actual posed shots that MIGHT all look good. (these dont look posed. frizzy hair, no earrings. maybe makeup test shots?)

              Today with digital cameras you take a MILLION shots. Quite a few will be unflattering but it doesnt matter since they’re digital and the camera can store thousands. I’ve managed many a shoot and looked over tons of photos looking for just a couple “good” one. If these are the worst shots you can get from a Beyonce shoot she’s one of the most photogenic people on the planet.

            • Blscl Opz were are of the same mind about Beyonce. I’ll take that and keep it moving. Your test and my test are two different points. But since you were polite I am leaving it on the upbeat.

              Enjoy your evening.

      • It was probably some ugly yte biatch that exposed the photo’s. They mad hate on black females.. insecure assed biatches.

  3. ….and now the “set up” for her downfall begins…slowly but surely…we will be ‘drip fed’ negative images and articles about her and her husband,… Just quietly observe…watch.

    • Sadly Anon 23:06. That is a fact. Have seen that video of her at the game with her husband. She is rocking side to side , no makeup, hair busted, ugly I’ll fitting top, and she was zoned out. Jay Z just sat there watching the game. All I know is she better stay away tubs.

    • The National Enquirer had a front page story of a teenaged boy who is allegedly Jay z son
      The article says Jay z refuse to do a dna test
      The smear campaign has begun

      • Thats a new jersey case. The alleged son does look like Jayz and jay allegedly did sleep with his mother so its very interesting that Jayz is playing the fake address game and dodging taking a blood test. Why wouldn’t you want to know? And the young man in question is 22 so support won’t be an issue. Jayz is just weird. Here you have like all the supposedly yours, secret kids and you only acknowledge the pillowbaby, store bought one. Wonder why?

    • You’re dead wrong. I bet u said the same thing when the unflattering photos came out from the Super Bowl a few years ago . And what about the accusations that she photoshopped her Instagram pics? That was a scandal. Oh and what about the fake pregnancy pics? Oh and the close ups of the glue from her wig??? I could write more but I don’t have anymore time for your nonsense right now.

    • EXACTLY! That makeup job is awful. It looks unfinished, basic, not professional looking at all. If u think about it, none of her pics are up close face shots.

    • This aint a set up. Looks like a PR stunt for the cosmetic contract she signed. It also makes Bey look relateable and vulnerable. You seen the tweets from her lunatic stans saying Bey looks beautiful still? Watch Bey’s campaign net record sales as a result of this ‘leak’

    • I know… I was just saying the very same thing yesterday. I hope she stays away from “bathtubs.”

  4. Puhlease that’s a pound of makeup on bad skin. You should never paste all that foundation over acne and blemishes.

    • IKR. A few days after a good acid peel would’ve cleared those things right up and she would’ve been flawless again.

    • I agree. That’s stage makeup. I’m sure she never expected the raw shots to be released because she never wears heavy make-up when she’s out in public with her fam. She’s very regular chick when she’s not on. I wish someone would explain to her that she’s not a goddess and its ok to look regular. She’s too hype for my taste. I’m bored w her, bad skin and all.

  5. And? I’m sure everything on our faces will show up when zoomed, magnetized, HD’d and photo enhanced.. AND the good news is.. we all have flaws!!

    • Right! I’m not even a Bey fan with all her caterwauling but come on, she still looks better than 90% of the fat ugly heffas trying to call her out over these pics.

      • OOOOO. DR. Ain’t you. shamef of yourself? LOL. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
        and LOL into the night!

      • I’m pretty sure there is a lot of skinny ugly heffas trying to call her out too Lol you are delusional if you think skinny chicks dont get jealous of this woman you worshipp.

  6. Why would Beyonce let them put that much make up on her face? She looks better with less.

  7. I find the fact that people had expectations of flawlessly perfect more amusing than the picture. She wears heavy make-up all the time, that fact alone leads to skin issues

  8. So she is like 41or 42 they smooth shit out on those pics they photo shop most of of their pics I guess

  9. She 41 or 42 years old hu? they all do that photo shop shit to their pics, that air brush

    • Exactly. If she didn’t always try to present herself as perfect, this wouldn’t be a big deal. We all know celebs are retouched to death, but people are just enjoying this because she always tries to act like all her fakeness is natural.

      • 99% of celebrities and models try to present themselves as flawless. So why should she be any different? She’s trying to sell herself to the sheople and to her minions so she can make money just like all the rest.

  10. miss bey must of upset the elite! or her big lipped husband must of her perfect crown is slipping and is her fault.

  11. She needs to use black soap and good moisturizer to clear up her skin problems

    • +1.





  12. she looks like miss tina. Women take note, u will end up looking like ur mom when u get older…not much of a story here, we all know these makeup-whores are scary without photoshop & truckloads of MAC…Beyonce is a beautiful black woman but OHH so lost…

  13. The Kardashians are at it again. I don’t feel bad for Beyonce. Both Bey and Kim were sitting next to each other at that fashion but it looked fake. The Kardashians are running everything.

      • Did you see Amber’s tweets? She went in so hard on the Kardashians. She put a hurting on those girls.

  14. Kim K West is destroying her. Kim has the fashion game on lock and so does North West. Beyonce needs to bow down to Kim because Kim is keeping her relevant.

    • LOL, you trollin hella hard but ill bite. Ok, in what universe does Kim K have fashion on lock? Bish was just out at fashion week in camouflage pants and a white bra top. Like, really? And poor North, wrapped up in a nasty dog fur blanket thingyand forever wearing those big heavy ass boots, when she’s not barefoot. No wonder she had those meltdown she knew her look wasn’t on point and like all of us, she blames her mother for it!
      See, No matter how much money Pimp mama K and trick koonye shell out Kim will never be a fashion icon: she’s too short and dumpy and can’t dress. Beyodel has the prettier face although neither one of em is all that imo. Blue Ivy and Kendall Jenner are the fashion forward ones outta that bunch. Kim is just smelling herself cuz she paid enough to sit next to Anna wintour and now she thinks she’s arrived, LMAO.

  15. What’s the big deal about these pictures? Both Beyonce parents are not attractive. Tina’ s face before and after the plastic surgery is atrocious. I guess beauty isn’t everything. Lol.

  16. Constantly wearing heavy makeup caked on can prematurely age faces. Foundation can prevent the skin of your face from breathing and is bad to wear when suffering an acne outbreak. Because Beyonce is a celebrity, she has to stay in it for whatever it is she has to wear makeup for. Fact of the matter is, she’s in her early 30’s so there will be aging. But she’s not helping matters with the heavy makeup.

    Women celebrities can look gorgeous when wearing the designer makeup caked on their faces, but look flawless in photos and commercials thanks to airbrushing. Without airbrushing and the makeup, it’s very, very sad.

    • I’m sorry but no woman should be showing signs of aging at 33 unless they are smokers or heavy drinkers. Beyonce just needs to take better care of her skin and drink some damn water.

      • Some people are predisposed to aging like spoiled milk though. Mama Tina looked older and haggard even im her 1980s photos. Also Bey has worn pancake since childhood pageant days, that doesnt help. Shes always looked older than her age. Kinda like Bryan Baby Birdman Williams. Google his his preschool pic and dude looked 35 at age 4 with the same mean mug expession.

        • Okay Non, I just spent 30 mins trying to find said photo of Baby(some things just MUST be seen) and I cannot find it anywhere. I even got sidetracked and found myself reading the last month of Bryan Jr’s IG (a more privileged child I cannot imagine)all to no avail. If you could hep a sista out I’d be much obliged. 🙂


            No problem. A side by side with his daughter Bria, who is also mean mugging. Yeah I am envious of Bria and her pal Reginae and occasionally jock their style when not out of the office/casual. I like to see privileged black children. We need more. I’m a frequent traveler and I always see groups of young whites, Oriental and Southeast Asians, and recently Latinos; rarely young black Americans, unless they are military(not privileged). The few blacks I run into are African who are upper-class and multilingual. Bria attended one of the best private schools in Florida, coupled with hood DNA and her dads connections, I hope she becomes a force as an adult with that 360 degree knowledge lol.

            • Why you care about birdman and his baby. Why yous looking at bird mans baby pictures. You really are an odd sock.

            • It was posted on a global interface and I listen to Cash Money music. Whats odd about looking at someones baby pictures? Troll along lil doggy.

      • That is true, but she’s not getting any younger. None of us are. But she still looks good and doesn’t look a like a monster even without it.

        Have you ever read the yearly Star Magazine’s celebrities without makeup issue? Besides the smoking, drinking and drugging most of those women do, without the makeup and airbrushing, reality sets in. No one is perfect.

      • Bey is a big time drunk according to tea spilled on her. These pics not only show an aging woman, but she looks haggard as well.

  17. Okay, I just read on another site that the photos were leaked out of retribution by a former friend and an enemy who collaborated to humiliate Beyonce. Ouch. What did she do to them????

    • Obviously you haven’t watched any TV today. The Beyhive has gone thermo-nuclear over this perceived disrespect of the queen.

    • Man, outside of Nas and Michael Jackson, Beyonce has some of the craziest fans. Honestly Nas Stans are the worst I have ever seen.

  18. Satan’s favorite hoe doesn’t look gorgeous no more! Proof that this chick isn’t as pretty as you people think! Now that you know this light skin demon is far from pretty, please stop worshipping this hoe and exit the beyhive ASAP!

  19. Trying to imagine what baphomet Beyonce looks like without the tons of makeup and foundation.

  20. Without photoshop, baphomet Beyonce looks uglier than a Lindsay Lohan mugshot. Maybe the slut Gabrielle Union was right; maybe Beyonce is forty. Either that or she does alot of drugs.

  21. Fuck what Jay-Z says, Beyonce is no longer the hottest chick in the game! She is more like the most overrated chick in the game!

  22. What y’all looking at? Do you see what I’ve seen when she first came out. When is the last time you’ve seen her real hair or her real hairline ? Girlfriend got a big ass for head probably best called a five or bigger head. Dumbo ears A witchy chin and witchy nose. With all the caked up makeup and wigs weaves and padding and surgeries and contact lens, girlfriend is still just run of the mill. Nothing special about her except the illusion she perpetrates to fool the weak minded out of their cash.

  23. What y’all looking at? Do you see what I’ve seen when she first came out. When is the last time you’ve seen her real hair or her real hairline ? Girlfriend got a big ass for head probably best called a five or bigger head. Dumbo ears A witchy chin and witchy nose. With all the caked up makeup and wigs weaves and padding and surgeries and contact lens, girlfriend is still just run of the mill. Nothing special about her except the illusion she perpetrates to fool the weak minded out of their cash. Google pic of her after she took off that wig/weave

  24. I know in her earlier destiny child days and pre surgeries, Beyonce used to be stunning and a natural beauty

  25. I have seen Beyonce in person, very close up, she is extremelly skinny and tinny kind of like Eva Longoria and her curves are Eva Longoria sized,and she looks extremelly fragile and small, and her face is normal, on the average side, 90 percent of black women are more beautiful and curvier than her. I dont mind people liking her but I dislike when women put themselfes down while comparing themselfes to beyonce and men fawn over her not realizing that their girlfriends look better in real life. That being said she is not to blaim for looking so voluptuous on screen that is a real blessing that you look so curvy and full figured in music videos because there are a lot of curvy women that look thin on screen so that is really not her fault.

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