Kevin Durant Says He Didn’t Know How To Love His Fiancee

Kevin Durant Confused

Kevin Durant said in GQ magazine that he broke off his engagement with WNBA player Monica Wright, because he never knew how to love her.

Here’s what the 26 year old five time NBA All Star revealed:

“I had a fiancée, but…I really didn’t know how to, like, love her, you know what I’m saying? We just went our separate ways. We was just hanging out, chilling. And I felt the energy. I felt, I need to do this right now. And I just did it. I was like…We’re engaged right now? We’re about to get married? So I was just like, cool! I love this girl. But I didn’t love her the right way.”


  1. He didn’t love her the right way because he didn’t love her, let a woman come in his life who drives him crazy, he’ll be singing a different tune. Love is a tug and pull, don’t let these ni$$as get comfortable, if you let him walk all over you, he won’t love you.

    • Church and thanks for the information. It seems women do not learn assertiveness in a relationships until they are much older. Once he has been ran through by a slew of skeezers or have children by a woman he cannot stand he will sing another tune or lament on past days of the one that got away. Monica will be ok. She and Skylar Diggins are such lovely ladies.

      Also helps to avoid dudes who come from dysfunctional homes like the plague. Love isn’t just a happenstance emotion, but behaviors and actions taught from your family/community.

      • You know all people are my people no matter what color. But I weep day and night for my brown people. What have we come to? Once upon a time we were mathematicians , and scientists, and when we were colored, we carried ourselves with dignity and respect. It was hard for our families, but black husbands and wives
        put up a united front . Lord where are we going?

        • non importante, because women fear losing men, so they act all sweet and gentle and naive not realizing the dude is waiting for a more engaging personality, then when they get dumped by the guy, women realize it’s better to be your true self., and a true self identity will always consist of a mirage of attributes or a complex balance, not some robotic stepford identity.

    • Yes, love yourself first and then if someone wants to love you, you can return the love. Why did he not come on out and admit he did not love her and why was he trying to put a ring on it knowing it wasn’t what he wanted?

      Because he’s a rich baller he naturally is going to be more concerned about his career, but don’t mislead a woman with false and empty promises.

    • Right! When people are confused and seeking self-love it’s hard to share their feelings with others. They become terrified when someone wants to love them genuinely and it makes them resent you or distrust you for seeing what they don’t see in them. He knows he’s not one of the best looking ballers in the NBA and doesn’t have the confidence and handsomeness as other ballers. So he wants to wait before getting that serious, also waiting for that trophy-wife type or even a woman of another race.

      This young lady should just move on gracefully and find herself a black man who is going to truly love her.

  2. Somebody please help me get an understanding of this. I never claimed to have all the knowledge, only Oprah has it like that.
    So what is he saying?

    • He couldn’t man up and settle with a moral and supportive woman who happened to be attractive, educated, with a few coins. He is probably hugged up at Magic City’s VIP now with a bottle and some random stripper who will eventually bare his seed. Typically nukka shyt in Jedi Master Yoda speak…

    • Yes that is how I felt reading this excerpt. I suppose he is making some admission of fault to the demise of his relationship he just gets his point across horribly.

    • Its called dopemine. Like when you have a natural attraction to someone and after a while it wears off. At least he didn’t marry her first before it wore off.

  3. She was getting f*cked the whole time they were together
    By some nigha ova seas
    Real talk

    • You make a good point and raise a valid question. There is a lot of that down low stuff going on these days. Many men and especially high profile men use women as covers to keep the rumors down. Many of them really want to be with other men. He could be one of those types.

    • sounds like dude didnt have the balance of having a father…a man to balance him and tell him how or show him how to show ..

      • There are a lot of Black men who grow up without fathers and yet they still know what to do naturally. Something else is going on with this guy.

  4. this speaks volume because most black men don’t know how to love. they know how to sex but not love.
    people only get into relationship for the sex!! let’s not pretend it’s cheaper to get a f*ck buddy
    than to date, is less heart ache less time and less stress

    (that’s why i got one on speed dial)

  5. Before anyone can love anyone they must learn to love themselves. It is impossible to love someone with low self esteem.

  6. shut up Kevin. You can now learn how to love strippers, groupies and blonde girls

  7. Cut the brotha some black….at least he is being honest. He is young and still playing in the kitty cat field. At this age and with him being in the NBA, i wouldnt recommend him to get carried right now. He needs to mature and grow more as a person.

  8. age doesn’t have nothing to do with it!! i married my husband when he was 17, still riding his dick still to this day!! Kevin is a poor little lost black boy who views sex as a easy escapes!!

    • Who can’t take miss Baylis comment serious. You call Kevin a boy then I guess you the neighborhood thot. You claim to be married to your husband since he was 17 and riding his dick. It must not be good. Cause you claim you have f*ck buddy just a few post up. Just like crabs in a bucket trying to keep the next one down.

        • @Anonymous

          not this again!!! what do you want?? your a bully, i told you to leave me alone
          what don’t ypu understand??? your trying to get everyone on here to gang up on me.
          like they did to glock

  9. IDK does it really matter? I didn’t even know he was engaged. I guess someone was interested.

  10. It takes maturity to know and admit your shortcomings, with time he will develop the self esteem required to be the man he wants to be and attract the woman he needs. He seems like a nice guy and if I looked like the video chicks that black guys go for and I was single, Id try to date him.

    • one of the nicest kind-hearted guys living. and so grown-up and mature about the situation indeed.

  11. you’ll find someone again “sexy lips.” believe you me you will. don’t sweat it. and don’t get with one of your counterparts, if you will – a female in the same industry as you are. seek outside of that WNBA next time, because over half of them chics be dikes.

  12. Nigga can’t love because he knew she’d be the 1 he’d have to sacrifice He’s a better man than he makes himself out to be & maybe his ex fiancée can’t understand that because she knows he had to sell out to get in but doesn’t know the risks he refused to take

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