Nicki Minaj’s Tour Member De’Von Pickett Stabbed Dead In Philly


A bar fight involving crew members of Nicki Minaj’s tour staff, spread onto a Philadelphia street leaving De’Von Pickett dead and Eric Parker in critical condition.

Here’s what Chief Inspector Scott Small said:

“The argument began around 2:35 a.m. Wednesday inside Che Bar & Grill along Stenton Avenue in Philadelphia’s West Oak Lane neighborhood.

We believe that both of the victims, as well as the perpetrator, were all inside of this bar and that’s when an argument started. The argument spread outside the bar where one of the men pulled out a knife.”


  1. Come on Meek, you are suppose to have clout in your own town to protect ya homies/friends.


    • Thats what I’m sayin. I’m done discussing it here, I just know what I.know. And, I know Nickis album and clothing line aren’t doing well. I shall wait and see what trajectory her career takes from here on out.

  3. Yep, u know they dont want to lose their fame or position
    Her 15 minutes was almost over

  4. remember back in ’05 busta rhyme’s bodybuilder got shot while he was shooting a video for touch it remix. the family sued him

    • and his bodyguards killer hasn’t been arrested yet.

      you wanna get away with murder kill a rapper.

  5. O for the love of God, not THE DEMONS, THE WITCHES, THE WARLOCKS, THE BLOOD SACRIFICES, THE RITUALS, THE VAMPIRES. Let the TOMFOOLERY begin with you crackpots……..

    • Pretty obvious that you want to start that conversation . Again. I see you. Now let’s see who else bites and gives you the attention you seek.

  6. Please stop with the blood sacrifice and demon talk. The whole world is full of demons doing the devils work. They are working on all of us, especially God’s people. Celebrities are already doing the devil’s work simply by their line of work and their allegiance to capitalism. It’s not that hard to figure out that it doesn’t take some special rituals and organizations to do the devils bidding.

    • We will NOT STOP. This is the era of all things kept in the dark coming to light. It’s not obvious at all that it doesn’t take rituals. Rituals are the hallmarks of their dark and evil religion and as potent to them as taking communion or fasting is to a Christian.

      • It’s deeper than that too. We have to start taking a hard look and see if these things are true.n. I saw an old video of Sam Cooke throwing up the horns sign.
        I read a little about him..come to find out in 1959 his ex wife died in a car accident. He paid for her funeral expenses. He shot to stardom, but he died a horrible death.
        It takes Etta James (rip) to tell the real story. Looking at these facts might stop someone from making a bad decision. Aaliyah was throwing up those horn signs in her more than a woman video. Look where she is now. We have to stop laughing and check for patterns, and investigate these things.

  7. Some people get stabbed one dies and and instead of everyone giving condolences you babble about the devil. Who’s doing the Devils budding now. Wtf. This is not fantasy this is reality. Stop acting like children and pray for the one in critical condition.

    • That’s what we do. You are new here or at least your name is. Dis you not know how we get down? Folks here won’t take too kindly to a newbie giving orders, just so you know.

  8. Everybody keeps saying illuminati but Nicki is garbage. Nobody’s buying the clothing, perfume,music,etc. She’s not worthy of anybody’s dollars. Rest in peace to the deceased.

  9. I remember her Nicki’s cousin getting killed in bkyln and she mentioned it in the song ” all things must go”. I think it was being at the wrong place and wrong time.

  10. Nothing good happens after dark. People are evil and stay plotting. You can’t go into a bar and have a good time with your friends because somebody waiting to start something. Where was their security?

  11. I saw a cat on my block perform the ritual on someone’s chicken. The cat wants to be part of the Illuminati

    • Oh yeah? Well the cat will have to kill herself and come back as a human who is born into one of the 13 satanic bllodline families because that’s who the illuminati is. The Politicians, celebs, prostitutes and scientists that they use to bring about their ends are just pawns. So you see, that poor chicken died for no good reason. But just so its death was not in vain I’m on my way to Popeyes to pay tribute by performing a ritual of my own : its called lunchbreak. Toodles.

    • well roosters usaed to be sacrificed to the sun centuries ago because the rooster was known to crow at dawn so well you know the rest.

      Apollo, and sol invictus loved when you killed chickens for their idols.

  12. Ctfu……I knew this post would dissolve into the ritual devil sacrifice illuminati conversation as usual. Guess what?…..Evil people do evil things all day every day.

  13. Illuminati is nothing more than doctrine of Bavarian Illuminati,1776. It still exists. The same group different but different generation is who infiltrated hip hop.

  14. This is deeper than a bar fight. Demons are everywhere, even in so-called classy establishments. Arguing with nuts is not worth your life brothas… Haul Ass!

  15. @hsk I live in Philly. It was reported that the guys were who did it were arrested. When French Montana was out here someone was killed by his tour bus.

  16. Wherever there’s a rapper in something. Death usually follows, and sometimes in mysterious circumstance.. Whether you believe in sacrifices or not, there is something weird about famous rappers and death.. They go hand and hand… A lot

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