Eddie Murphy Refuses To Crack Jokes On Bill Cosby

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Norm MacDonald jumped on twitter and said that, “Eddie Murphy decided not to impersonate Bill Cosby, for Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary”.

Here’s what comedian Norm MacDonald said:

“Eddie Murphy was going to impersonate Bill Cosby in Celebrity Jeopardy, but turned down the gig the night before the telecast.”


    • This is true. Remember that trans who was linked to him in the press who ended up dead soon after. Just saying.

      Anyways that Keenan and Kel punk bitch is just an SNL cooning minstrel. He ain’t even funny and is just one hot shoe shuffle away from the unemployment line.

    • For once I agree with Eddie! The shit got really real when the white ladies started attacking bill. Thank God Eddie has some civility left! Not to minimize anyone’s experiences but I blame the victims also. You all allegedly kept quiet why? You all allowed other women to become “alleged victims”!They could have been saved if you all had of spoken out earlier. Why now and Kudos to Eddie for standing up!

  1. Whatever his motivation, I’m glad he declined. Joking on so.wine who helped you early on is not a good look.

  2. Eddie respects Bill Cosby because he did help label the way for black comedians. Glad to see Eddie didnt shuck n jive for the good oleh boy crew. Good deal!

    • i agree. It wouldnt be worth the Headache and The Most High dont like ugly. Eddie looks damn good but he needs to get rid of his White woman. With out make up that bitch Popped! lol

    • I don’t think Eddie ever respected Bill like he did Pryor and Foxx. However, Eddie is smart enough to smell a setup and he wasn’t falling for it. SNL has been crap for a long time and poking fun at what Bill (allegedly) did is not funny or edgy humor in my book.

  3. Whoa…
    The proof is in the pudding. Back in the day Cosby could not stand Eddie. It is well documented on how he (Cosby) bash him (Eddie) in the media when Eddie first came on the scene. They even brought Martin in the mix. Props to Eddie for whatever reason he declined. I just wish to see more focus on us during SNL 40

  4. You got to love Eddie Murphy because loyalty is everything. Don’t bow down to these white folks because if it was you Eddie they would have thrown you under the bus.

  5. None of those idiots on snl are funny. Forget snl and bring back madtv or better yet in living color.

  6. SNL will probably have Leslie Jones buffoon azz play Cos in a skit. She would do it.


  8. keenan should know better didnt he do that fat albert movie? bill’s signature character. keenan give the man some respect he put money in your pocket SMDH

  9. eddie don’t want to get date raped he don’t want that pudding pop.

    bill will misuse eddie’s asshole.

  10. Eddie might be gay, but I respect him for refusing massa’s orders. Eddie don’t need hollywood, he built his own multi-billion dollar empire. Keenan Thompson on the other hand is a fat disrespectful sambo; f*ck him!

    • That’s the issue, in Hollywood, the Jhews know that no one builds anything on their own, the Jhews finance and control everything. Whatever you have is what they allowed you to have. That is the point that Jhew, Donald Tokowitz (Code Name:Sterling)was making.

  11. It’s so cliche at this point. Use another to tear down another member of the family. Eddie is not obligated to say a damn’ thing about this. He doing the right thing.

  12. Don’t forget that Eddie agreed to take the role before backing out. Someone, maybe his brother Charlie, must have told him that it was a bad political move.

    • Alright, I didn’t know this. That’s just stupid to me.

      As someone said previously, I don’t believe that Bill and Eddie were close. There could be some jealously due to Eddie being successful in both TV and movies which is something Bill was never able to do. Eddie followed the raunchiness of Pryor and not the clean comedy of Cosby.

      However, they are both Black comedians and need to watch each other’s back because they are both the same to the White man. Lorne Michaels is probably still foaming at the mouth that he never got a piece of Eddie’s movie money like he did with other stars(fact: Eddie Murphy was on SNL when Lorne Michaels was not running the show and some say that he single-handling saved it from being cancelled)

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