Jada Pinkett Shuts Down Scientology Rumors

jada pinkett scientology

After actress Leah Remini tried to out Jada Pinkett as a Scientologist, she’s finally addressing the rumors.

Click the arrows on the IG post to see what she had to say.



  1. Jada Pinkett is trapped in the closet along with Wilma Smith, Tom Cruise, Brandy, John Travolta, Catherine Bell, Doug E Fresh, and Kirstie Alley.

    • Doug E is not gay. I know him and his fiancé -she’s a VJ on MTV/ VH1 Janelle Snowden.

      Stop with the lies.

  2. Jada look Asian she need to kick that doctors ass for phukking her face up either that or I’m starting to slowly believe these clone rumors

  3. She might now be Jewish, a Muslim, or a Hindu: BUT SHE IS DEFINITELY LOST!

  4. Now don’t you be talking about scientology or the squirrel patrol is going to get you (sarcasm).

  5. Oh Jade those fake cheek bones are killing me..you were once one of the most prettiest women in the game…topic at hand…she left out she went to church and paid her tithes and offerings but she’s not a Baptist…

  6. Leah has a lot of guts and she’s doing a great thing. I just hope she doesn’t end up dead.

    #David Miscaviage’s missing wife

  7. When did it become a crime and a sin and shame to search for GOD? It you dont search for it , you wont find it .

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