Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Toya Wright Is Pregnant

toya wright pregnant

Sources say Toya Wright, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, is pregnant.

The 33-year-old reality star and other is “excited” about her bundle of joy. As for the daddy…

“Very little is known about the child’s father, but we hear her future baby daddy is her boyfriend that she’s been dating for almost a year. We’re told he’s a sports manager/agent, who manages high-level athletes.”

This will be her second child. She already has an 18-year-old daughter, Reginae, with Weezy.



  1. Professional baby mama.

    She’s set now for a long time if she manages her cash well and doesn’t spend it on useless female crap (designer bags, shoes, etc).

  2. The “Father’s child”? Really, now. Is it a coincidence that when the child support checks stop coming in, she pops pregnant? Dee…Enn….Ayyye! Get that test Patna!

  3. One of my former sex partners is pregnant after both her kids are grown now she wants to have another one and get married now that her kids are damn near grow she was a teen mom seems like the trendvis to get pregnant by multiple men just for child support and benefits

  4. I wouldn’t think of her as a pro bm. She had a few businesses wrote a few books she takes care of her family.,etc. I think she’s done fairly well with whay lifes awarded her. 2 parents on drugsstill strung out, teen mom And wife. Whay effect her Grandma’s wisdom she left before she died must of made a profound impact. She’s done well for herselfbecause she could’ve been one of those that had babies for checks…

    • That’s what I was going to say. She is very entrepreneurial writing several books. She definitely could have babies for a check. I think her marriage to that fool Memphis taught her a lesson about what really wants in life. Hey if she wants a child, she certainly can afford it and figures if she going to have a baby now, it better not be from some fool. She and Wayne are still cool that he would help her financially if she needed.

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