Kevin Hart’s Extortionist Plans Live Press Conference

montia sabbag kevin hart video

Montia Sabbag, the “traveling stripper” who tried to set up and extort Kevin Hart has already linked up with celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom.

The two have scheduled a press conference to spill the tea and try to clear her name, but people already know the truth. This was a clear plot to damage Kevin’s reputation in the industry!

Will you be watching?


  1. Lawyer for wht!! Plz, had she not set it up in the first place, her dumb ass wld’ve never been out there like tht. Cnt believe KH didn’t see something like this coming. Honestly if u weren’t ready to stop roaming, shld’ve never have gotten married.

    • “Honestly if u weren’t ready to stop roaming, shld’ve never have gotten married.”
      YOU AINT NEVA LIED…. Why do these types of clowns not look into Vasectomy procedures and STAYING single???????? But his real problem is that he has self worth issues. Things were going too well for him and he needed to self sabotage. So I guess you can say, subconsciously, he planned this.

  2. Feel bad for kevin…short darkskin…probably not use to getting pussy and its getting to his head

    • @Reformist – Is it not a normal genetic trait for Black people to have dark skin? Are you AUTHENTICALLY Black? Perhaps it is the recessive codes you inherited in your skewed DNA from ape-hybrid Caucasians that causes you to ridicule Kevin Hart’s “dark skin”, height and coital history.

      Those of us who are AUTHENTICALLY Black are aware of our diminutive autochthonous Black/Negroid/AfRAkan ancestors.

  3. This is why you do not cheat. These are not the old hoes from the past who lived in the shadows. Nope, all these new hoes want to be in the spotlight and have fame. I have no sympathy for those who marry and cheat. Just stay single!

  4. LOL these hoes have no shame, and like her mother; Lisa Bloom is the next attorney/whore for a dollar. Shit like this is just going to turn more men off from marriage.

  5. Kev must have fell out of favor with his “handlers” cuz this shyt is deeper than it appears. He just signed a deal for his own LOL network. Current wife pregnant.
    Ex-wife (who was cheated on with current wife) saying “I told you so!” …and now Lisa Bloom & Insta-Thots R-Us Inc are coming for his image, reputation & chips. Watch the shyt that unfolds over the next few days… Katt going thru his issues opened the door for Kev to blow up. What BLACK comedian is next in line for the throne cuz the door just opened…. #staywoke

  6. It would be very disturbing if Kevin Hart engaged in sodomy with a man and this “stripper” story is used a cover-up and distraction.

  7. @Asap = Is it a Black woman that’s extorting Kevin or one of the straight-haired recessive gene human APE Caucasians?

    Thank goodness Black American AKATA males don’t comprise the majority nor represent what is considered MANHOOD among Black/Negroid/AfRAkan people worldwide.

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