Moniece Slaughter’s Mom Accuses Brandy of Influencing Mentally Ill Son

moniece slaughter mom brandy mental abuse

Marla Thomas, the mom of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Moniece Slaughter, is accusing Brandy Norwood of taking advantage of her son’s mental issues.

brandy mental abuse

Marla says son worked hard to get himself clean by going to get treatment for drug abuse and mental illness. But he stopped taking his meds and fell off track because of Brandy’s influence.

After the allegations, everyone was all sorts of confused but Marla was very cryptic with her responses.

brandy moniece mom mental abuse

brandy mental abuse

Marla also said she’s not a doctor but she believes Brandy is suffering from mental illness too. She spoke about the entire issue on the radio show she hosts with her husband.

You can listen to the 9/11 radio episode here.


  1. Not enough information.

    What exactly did brandy say or do?

    U were better off keepin this horseshit in your own barn.

  2. I hope she ain’t on that Scientology BS of do not take your medication to someone who genuinely need to take them!

    • What do her religion says about having children out of wedlock. I think the old name for that is Harlot.. Brandy doesn’t practice what she preaches..

  3. Brandy been a freak.she used to pretend she was a virgin but hanging around.wants morris and mase who was both damn near thirty and yeah she used to phukk usher, tyrese, and Kobe before he discovered white girls

  4. She should be specific if she’s trying to put Brandy on blast, because that was not enough info to do any damage.

    However, something’s up with Brandy, she seems innocent but, when I think about her trend of ruining people’s lives I don’t know. Starting from Jerome Jones, knocking his eye out, all the stuff in between and now this. 1 thing okay! but this is multiple stuff piling on top of each other, something ain’t right.

    But Moniece mom should take a lot of blame and explain why both her kids are lost, that sound more like a parenting issue to me. If she raised them right, Brandy nor anyone else could manipulate them. So while she passing the ball to Brandy, Brandy can now pass it back to her and let her explain her parenting skills to us.

  5. I remember her stating on a certain show that her daughter had mental issues too. Now her son does also? Maybe she needs to look in the mirror at herself. She seems a little tick tick tick boom herself. Moniece is looking for love in all the right places with the wrong people. Everyone’s first love it’s their mom! So when did that go astray? Maybe she should talk about that on her radio show ol gaslighting biddie…smh

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