Jackie Christie’s Daughter Ta’Kari Not Happy About Mental Disorder Talk

Jackie went on The Q on Fox and told the world her daughter suffers from depression. Ta’Kari has never been diagnosed with any mental disorder and she’s pissed off again at her mother.

Ta’Kari response….

“First off, I find it wrong for you to go on TV and diagnose me with ANYTHING!! You have not been to a Dr. Appt or mental health facility with me to know anything about my health Not even my hearing.

I totally understand being under pressure and needing a quick way to deflect an uncomfortable subject, but how do you do that by throwing me under the bus? Like I can’t respond back.

Out of respect I will always keep it classy and respectful, but taking my kindness and humble attitude for a weakness isn’t wise. Every phony medical condition, childhood “stories”and so forth will be addressed. So if the plan is to lie me away, good luck with that. I’m shocked at the continuation of lies and false allegations against me and my family in an attempt to discredit me. I learned long ago to be skeptical of you and anything you do, so if your mother’s day text and Thank you text for my post was for your show I would not be surprised. Hard to imagine two days later, you would blatantly state an unfounded lie, that I’m depressed and need to be loved from a distance.

If you don’t want to own up to it, don’t talk about it. “No comment” is enough. The continued concern on who does or doesn’t do for my kids, whose lives you are not apart of, is getting out of hand, too. Then, again we can talk about the past if you want.

P.S Dad says hello! Would u like his number or should I give him yours?


  1. Jackie is a very horrible person. No good will come to her until she treats her dark skin daughter like a daughter.

  2. I would be depressed to if I had a mother like that. The girl should use that to her advantage and say the same. She should declare the woman dead to her.

  3. Jackie can’t call her daughter crazy or depressed.. She is bi polar and a boss deck liar, she lies for the smallest things.. shame on her and Doug for not taking care of her daughter.. If not the daughter do it for your grandchildren.. Now that BS about the child been burned at the daycare, the daycare should be held responsible for that.. on a side note, children these days want to make grown up decisions, but they don’t act like one.. They looking at your money, well heck my money didn’t come off a tree, I had to EARN IT ANS SAVE IT.. My household didn’t own a pair of Jordan’s tennis shoes.. If you want all those expensive brands shoes then get a job and buy that chit yourself..that’s why we as a race will New have assets, it’s on our backs, feet, cars and don’t have 6 months of savings in case something happens..IJS

    • Will you speak on it! We are spending our way into oblivion…helping OTHER FOLKS send THEIR CHILDREN to college. No college fund, but a cell phone. No extra curricular activities, but an X Box, no vacation to see another culture but some Jordans. Stupid is as stupid does.

      • IKR we have our priorities in the wrong direction.. We are mass consumers, but sorry ass savers or assets.. Our liabilities are far larger than our assets.. Some women go to work in a $2,000.00 out including shoes and purse, but your not making $1,500.00 week..
        I’m not spending my hard earn money on some big time designer, don’t get me wrong I like nice things for myself.. If it’s not on sale, red tag or clearance, I don’t need it at all.
        Only a darn fool pay full price for anything..We consume so much from other races, but we don’t shop in our own neighborhood at all. When you know better you are suppose to do better.. We still broke and been working for decades with nothing to show for it..

  4. Karma will get Jackie’s old knifed up war painted azz. She is Another black person on tv givin’ black folks a bad name.

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