Jackie Christie Gives Explicit Interview With Angela Yee for Lip Service!

Basketball Wives Jackie Christie joins Angela Yee, Gigi Maguire and Lore’l as the latest guest on Lip Service.

Listen as they talk about keeping things fresh while being in a long term relationship, role playing with your partner, weird experiences, her first time having with her husband and they convince her to consider doing a tape. The ladies are then joined by Lainey who has worked with Penthouse and has a column in Strip LV’s Magazine. She explains her experiences with men she met on Craigslist, her book, her husband being a Trump supporter and him finding out about her past.


  1. I refuse to watch the video, but I will say, y’all not going to convince me Jackie Christie is NOT a lesbian freak and I’m sure she and Malaysia have been together sexually. The way she’s always talking about sex and admiring Malaysia disgusting. Also, when Malaysia said that the only way she would forgive Jackie is if she could be with Doug said it all.

  2. Jackie is a wanna be…
    Wanna be BEAUTIFUL, GRACEFUL………………………..
    She’s a FOOL
    Let’s not waste anymore time with DUMB NO EDGES JACKIE!

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