Is this the Other Side of the Game DM’ing Underage Girls for S*x Story or Just a Curve Ball??

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire!

Dig the drop being floated:

“The Game did not direct message a 16-year-old like the blogs are saying. The girl sent The Game a message and he liked it.

The Game had no clue the girl was only 16-years-old because she didn’t tell him or have it in her bio until after she sent it to blogs. Once she sent it to the blogs she changed her bio and added “16” on her page. This is just a case of someone looking to gain followers quickly and blogs needing clicks.”

BUT.. WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER 16/15/14 year old girls he hollering at??


  1. These dudes are idiots. They don’t know that the Hip Hop Police are tracking their every move. Federal agents spy on them and they read these urban blogs. The Game is done. It is only a matter of time before The Game goes to prison.

  2. NBA is fixed

    Shut up. Everything is not a conspiracy. This makes sense; why would any grown man willingly want a pedophile stamp?

    Get your head outta your ass and come back to earth.

  3. She sent him a message and all he did was send back a Black heart. Don’t make him out to be something he is t .

  4. Too many of these rappers assume they’re invincible. You know what happens when you assume. The Game is not Roman Polanski. The Feds will throw him in prison and make an example out of him. They couldn’t get R Kelly; you best believe they will get The Game.

  5. At least this chick is a dime piece unlike all those hood chicks Kells keeps in his house.

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