Listen to Jay-Z’s 70 Minute Interview Discussing His Fallout With Kanye West

Jay Z not happy with Kanye speaking on his family and that’s the reason he went at Kanye in his latest album.

He also touches on the ‘day that would forever change his life’ when he and Solange engaged in the elevator fight seen around the world, which surrounded his cheating on Beyonce.



  1. Everytime I see Jay Z, all I keep thinking about is what someone said about ‘him’ being trans…

  2. Scopiess

    Shut up. Jay z is so big now that he has a ocean of haters but jay is hip hop.

    At least 5 classic albums.

    Broke heifer

    • You shut up you absolute loser. Who the hell are u to even mention my name? Who r u? We don’t know and we do not care.

      Keep licking Josie’s sweaty balls because you know what, he don’t give a smelly shite who you are either.

      Hater I am not.

      • “you shut up you absolute loser. who the hell are u to even mention my name? who r u? we don’t know and we do not care.”

        Couldn’t Jay-Z say the same thing about you?


        minus three points for the “shite” comment also

  3. He’s doing what he accused his lil bro of – – – venting through music. We need inspiration not more psychological tales of woe and misery peppered with folks’ words to live by crap.

  4. I guess hsk is folliwing the TPTB agenda now.. Wheres your story about Dick Gregory.. He passed away two days ago… Tmz did a story when jerry lewis passed.. DG was one of a kind.. And dropped knowledge for us to think about.. Crazy or not.. He woke alot of people up during his time here on earth.. Made people think about whats going on today!! He desevers a few words… But i guess gay-z.. And kanye aka..loonie tunes fake ass feud is worth our time and attention… Smh.. We dont have any one any more speaking out like our elders use to… These young people need that… Now all we got is Trump tellin us how it is… (Like DG said.. “Its over) #DisappointedHSK

  5. This story = who cares… They still greedy.. They still dont give a damn about us as a people… Why not report about some real news…

  6. Jigga do a diss track then I don’t even hip hop no more

    So what kanye and jay fell out hay can’t keep friends look how he did same dash took everything even rachel

  7. Beanie and camron beefed with jay they both endd up shot beanie keeps going to jail, jigga paid his goons to beat kellys ass

  8. Jayz fucked over everyone that helped him along the way.

    For instance when his prior label wanted nothing to do with him after poor RD sales…irv gotti begged Lyon to give the snake a chance…got hype Williams to do videos for jay on the him radio play ot.

    Kanye extended his career the past 10 years..but like I said this fuck boy screws over anyone

  9. He will get his karma. You don’t step on people all your life and expect to get off scott free. He’ll get his soon enough and it won’t be pretty. I don’t understand why he still has fans. His friendships with Kanye was smoke and mirrors. Kanye just realized that.

  10. Some of you have really gone in on JayZ but I’m the only one to get called a ‘hater’?

    ‘K …

  11. Jay lets not forget u talked bout nas baby ma and how u left a condom in his baby girl car seat which totally disrespect to nas So Kanye talkn bout selfish Beyonce and ur daughter is karma

  12. Yall do realize that he is a street bum/hustler.

    He can only respect ppl from the underworld

    You can’t expect him to do right by you just because gasp!; you do right by him.

  13. Oh yeah, he’s just a bum hustler.

    God you all are idiots. The man will be richer than Oprah within 5 years. He is a genius, and everyone here is so jealous of him they cant see straight. Too bad s sad.

    THIS is why the black community will never rise. You can’t stand to see each other come up.

  14. Jay is no hustler eifboon. Dame in the game being told how to make money by dame and later on wealthy jews who use him for their bidding.

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