Is Rick Ross Back to Sippin’ Lean After Health Scare?

rick ross sipping lean

After going through a health scare that landed him in the ICU, it appears that Rick Ross may be back to sippin’ lean – judging by this recent picture posted to his Instagram account.

The Boss posed alongside Gucci Mane while holding double styrofoam cups – the preferred method for drinking the deadly Sprite and Promethazine concoction.

What do you think? Is Ricky playing Russian roulette with his life or could his cups be full of something else?


  1. Gucci is clowned!! Lol that is not Gucci mane, smiling in every picture………….

  2. Wow he lost a lot of weight I don’t know why they always go back to the drug , drink that made them sick in the first place you are supposed to learn from your mistakes and not go backwards.

  3. Blind item from another website says it’s all about the drugs. That’s the real reason he was in the hospital.

  4. I believe he overdosed and barely made it through. I am a fan of Rick Ross and prayed for his recovery. With that being said, If he’s back sipping or using drugs that’s on his dumb ass!

    I heard Rick Ross Manager died a month ago after a night of partying at RR house. WTF how many people gotta die before you heed the warning?!

  5. He’s dead….he’s cloned like the rest all thanks to Queen Elizabeth …..the real ruler of the world bwahahaha ???

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