Rick Ross Hospitalized

rick ross hospitalized pneumonia

Rick Ross has been hospitalized in Miami after falling ill in his home.

Someone called 911 around 3:30 AM on Thursday, saying Ricky was “in distress was breathing heavy and unresponsive….and had a history of seizures.”

The caller was trying to get the rapper to wake up, but he was “slobbing out the mouth.”

Police say Ross finally came to, but was very combative. He was taken to a hospital and given a respiratory treatment, “possibly for pneumonia.”

A source says the condition was heart-related, while a family member is saying The Bawse was never hospitalized. This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve tried to keep his medical issues on the low. Thankfully, his baby mama Tia Kemp will probably be running her mouth and spilling the tea soon.


  1. This idiot always talking shit…… look at his ugly ass now, all that melanin and have a straight European mindset. Yeah that cause and effect is a motherfucker…… he is always defrading black women and he dont even try to have a relatioship with his son what a loser he is the quintessential model of what u dont want ur son to be What a loser! Ladies stop having Babies for these niggas who swear they can save u …. Words from the late Great Tupac Love and Light

    • …(introvert raising hand in respect & agreement)….Look and learn fellows-this is what happens when ‘keepin’ it real’ goes wrong.

        • Yep. My gay/bisexual cousin started dropping weight out of nowhere and had to be hospitalized for “pneumonia” . Not only did he stay an entire month but was quarantined and still has to get blood testing today, four years later. It would be nice if he told the truth because some still see it as a death sentence.

          • Yeah I knew this gay dude who caught “pneumonia” in the middle of summer in LA. I was immediately suspicious …turned out later to be HIV +

            • Right. We’re in L.A. too and you can count the number of hours we have a cold/flu weather season prior to this recent outbreak.

        • Lots of people with HIV don’t get pneumonia and lots of folks with pneumonia does not necessarily mean they are infected with HIV. There is a flu swiping the country and people are getting very sick from it. Rick decided to lose weight after having seizures attacks.

  2. He’s posting on Instagram, well someone is. But TMZ say he on something similar to life support. So either his ppl trying to pretend like he okay, or he okay. It might be time for him to call on Jesus.

    • Heart lung work is life support and thus he’s unconscious. His PR team are handling his social media account. They need to get off and leave it alone until he pulls through this.

      • That’s so weird, he’s on life support and his PR team worried about Instagram. That is so dumb, but I figured that was the case. Because every celebrity is acting like it’s real serious and I would assume they have real scoop considering they all work with each other enough to know somebody that know the truth.

  3. At 1pm I said he hadn’t look well. Now he is in critical condition, may have suffered a heart attack. Not looking so good for him. At least he lost some weight but the smoking and whatever else garbage he’s putting into his system better stop. This is his wake up call. Good luck to him.

  4. Hope boss is alright man prayers going out to you by your friend and fam Daniel Andrade Clearwater come check me out on the beach man when you feeling better real s*** from a fat man to another

  5. Slobber=SEMEN ??
    Sounds like SUPER AIDS ?
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  6. “3:30 ” there is that time again. Heath Ledger first 911 call 3.30, Aaron Hernandez video, 3.30 am now this. Either a fake or a hit.

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