Iman Shumpert Gave Teyana Taylor His Smash List

teyana taylor iman shumpert smash list

After news broke that Iman Shumpert had relations with Drake’s alleged baby mama, Sophie Brussaux, Iman Shumpert admitted he knew Sophie:

“I ain’t saying I smashed. I’m just saying my interactions with her were a long time ago,”

He also said he gave Teyana a “list” of all the women he dealt with before they got into a relationship so there wouldn’t be any surprises.

Ladies, would you want a list of your man’s past flings or nah?


  1. I don’t care who he smashed BEFORE ME as long as there aren’t any men on the list.

  2. Ummm yes. I think you’re insecure if you don’t want to know. That let’s me know what time of man I’m dealing with and what his standards are.

    • Not knowing is the way to go. A secure woman would not care about the past – as long as there is NO men involved. The future is all you need to concern yourself with.

      • Well how would you know it was no men involved if you don’t know the past?

        Well I want to know and I know for sure my imaginary husband wants to know. He questions me about every single guy I have ever spoken too, looked at, went to school with, worked with and everything etc. it’s actually low key ridiculous. But I think it’s funny. He even created a fake Facebook to see if I would respond to randoms.

        • Easy, before you even have sex you ask him: ‘Did you ever sleep with a man – Oh my god I hope not!!’.

          And then you ask him if he has any communicable diseases –

          But we are all different so I shall acept your view although it is different to mine.

          • Yeah your Stupid Ass would believe anything a man tells you…so when your Dumb Ass winds up with gonorrhea…all you can say is, but you told me you didn’t have it…

            What am I talking about no man has touched your dried out ass in years.

            • Reading the comments here I see why women catch shit so easily.

              Acting like what you don’t know won’t hurt you…Stupid Bitches.

              • There are diseases that are life long & kill…

                If given the opportunity, you should want to know who your dude has been with.

            • *Accept.

              Anon. 7:59

              You get off on verbal degradation huh? I am not stupid. Far from it. I am very valuable and highly intelligent and extremely sought after.

              Now then, let’s address you shall we?

              • You are Stupid & Ignorant.

                Living in that ShitHole country has your mental vibration stuck on low to nonexistent.

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              • LMAO..You have nerve to talk with all those pedos the uk has.

                A child is that is prob why that fake joo of yours left you for…given they are 100 times smarter than you.

              • Anon 11:28 OK I am officially confused. A fake joo who left me for a kid? ? What are you talmbout?

                I guess the molly or the 40 or hell that old commercial weed is just too too much for a sensitive soul like yourself huh?

                OK brother. I shall say an extra special prayer for you and hope that it helps. ???

                If you and your special friend aren’t getting along too well maybe look for love elsewhwere. A prison cell is not the best place to form special relationships and they never do last –

  3. Any man that would sleep with a porn star after the age of 25 would probably sleep with a man too.

    • Wait, that Superhead lady was in porn and Kim K did porn (she became a star) does that mean most of those guys who slept with them after may sleep with men too? Wow I never looked at it that way. Is it a bad thing because a lot of people look up to and defend porn stars on this blog if that’s the case.

      • Well Ray J and Kanye for sure are very suspect. Ray J seem normal on tv but in person he is weird as f—-k, more weird than Kanye. I don’t know if he gay but he’s questionable and for sure Kanye is questionable. now Reggie Bush seem straight but he did mess with a lot of strippers and one for sure who I know personally and she do have a permanent std..she also messed with Jazzy Phae and Kevin Hart. so yeah it would be smart to do a car fax on these niccas….

          • I can’t put them out there like that. But I’ve definetly seen enough to know you not only want to ask, but you should research and verify as well. Because I have definetly been turned off from men once I’ve seen the type of females they mess with. Especially these celebrities… these niccas are not who the say they are. It used to be this secret club in LA called Xenii’s omg..?????. They had cellphone blockers and special smoke so you could not take pictures. But man on man, I seen so many celebrities that are married but gay, on drugs and etc… I turned down a music producers date to the movies and the negro would not take no for an answer, he did not even like me. He just did not like the word no… he called my phone threatening me and all kinds of shyt. I was on the other end of the line giggling while he acting like he was gone put a hit out on me. It was so redic.. the entertainment men are psycho, believe me, you don’t want no parts of it. I feel bad for them actually. Just use them for they free bottle service and bounce. They good for a good time at the club but after that, skidattle trust!!!

  4. I wouldn’t care to know as that is in his past. She thinks he will stay loyal because he gave her a list in which I’m sure is not a complete list… that is sad.

  5. It makes sense to know.

    Too many women in relationships catching HIV, because they don’t know who/ what they dude is fucking with.

    • Obviously if he is positive then he should tell you before any sex takes place but if he isn’t, then why go there?

      • Don’t be a Dumb Bitch your Whole life.

        Think before you type or at least learn some reading comprehension… Stupid MF…smdh..

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                Oh wait they have to be somewhat attracted to you & I can see why they wouldn’t be.

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  6. I don’t want to know because of our fame we’d run into many of them in our circles and it would be uncomfortable on too many occasions. If I don’t know then I have no emotions about them and we keep it moving at the party, the club, the restaurant, the red carpet, etc.

        • Well I am sensible and intelligent enough to stay the hell away from dumb Americans who shoot up schools for recreation. I am sensible enough to avoid going to your country to get shot at by some narcissistic baby with a chip on his shoulder. I am sensible and intelligent enough to keep my ass in Europe where we are civilised. Yeah-

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  7. The past ain’t the problem…’s the current ones he’s smashing….you know the ones whiskey numbers she found on his “second phone’….Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce soooo….and Teyana sure ain’t no Beyonce ????

    • It’s AAALLLLL Bad…any hit list isn’t cool, but some of these dudes are dirtier than others so you should want to know, but you are right if he has any type of $$$ you should know he is still going to be doing more than some of these average dudes…because they have more skanks coming for them.

      It is Sheer Stupidity to not understand whoever they screwed you technically have screwed too.

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