Is Kanye Faking His Mental Illness? Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Thinks So

kanye mental illness peter rosenberg

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg went on a rant about Kanye West recently saying he’s bipolar, which Peter says is nothing but a marketing ploy.

Peter says Yeezy is using his mental illness to smooth over the backlash he has received in recent months. He also says Kanye’s marketing team invited smaller radio stations to his listening party in Wyoming to get the media back on his good side after his negative comments about slavery.

“You realized he upped the approval rating of the president in black America by 10%? He literally made an impact. You think he’s not making an impact? Do you not think Harvey Levin is not in bed with Donald Trump? And do you not htink Kanye’s not in bed with Harvey Levin [TMZ]? Y’all are usch sheep. You Kanye fans are such sheep. It’s so pathetic. Get a life. He doesn’t care about you. He’s just an artist, and frankly he’s an artist whose rarely stood for anything,” – Peter Rosenberg

Do you agree?


  1. Poopy-di scoop
    Whoopity-scoop, whoop-poop
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  2. Tmz & E network paid for it….i dont know how that disqualifies Kanye from having severe mental illness..white ppl dumb as hell

  3. Any nigga that will kill his momz for fame is clearly outta his fucking mind. Not to mention he married a famous hooker with inflatable body parts. Hes no bi polar maybe bi sexual but we all know he’s the fruit at the bottom of the yogurt.

  4. I know a lot of people with Bi Polar disorder but none of them used their illness to justify Blacks being enslaved. Maybe Kanye is right though, Bi Polar disorder could be the reason; hell Ambien made Rosanne a racist right. Ain’t a damn thing wrong with Kanye except his mother (according to her ex years ago) said she would not allow anyone to correct him including herself. He said that Kanye was a very disrespectful child who was rude, arrogant, and cocky. His mother felt that he was beyond reproach and allowed him to behave this way. Everyone is on this “save Kanye” but, this guy is where he is comfortable. If his mom allowed it, then why not be with a woman who is going to accept this behavior as well. Why is this so hard for black people to accept? It’s ok for Dr. Ben Carson to be a coon but not Kanye? Dr. Carson is educated and has is a MD; he can save a life and treat physical illness. What the hell can Kanye do for you? How do you love one brother and hate the other?

    • Koonye is still a coon.

      And his mom said he was diagnosed bi polar when he was as younger- SHE refused to have him medicated.

      Thanks Dr Donsa for what you unleashed on this world. Jesus be a fence

  5. Mind control through the media is being used to try to make us believe Kanye got the Pres approval rating up with us. It’s like if you read or hear it enough times you may start believing it and then agreeing. Truthfully all this is doing is making it obvious how significant we actually are.

  6. This behavior of KW is typical ever since he was a child. He has no filter and clearly doesn’t think how his actions affect others – it’s all about HIM! The ex bf of the mom said in an interview that when they all lived together KW would not clean up behind himself even after being told to. He did no chores and was not made to do any. He called all the shots in their household. Kind of like he’s doing now.

  7. Any black man who marries and has kids by white bitches is mentally ill! The same goes for black women having kids with white men. #SerenaWilliams #HalleBerry

  8. Listen, that 10% increase is probably fake news! How do they get that information? Phone calls? Door to door? The man is unattractive inside and out and I wouldn’t even have coffee with him if asked!

    • Exactly. He’s very kettle korny..salty and sweet. Him couldn’t make it—he’s apart of the ‘old class’ and with 24 yrs under his belt, he was on the low outside … like a hoe calling #1 when #2 just finished blowing a load up her ass and is on the toilet taking a boo-boo, looking down and shaking his head…and recording him on his dissention from his fan base. I’m ‘sleep. ZzzzZ

  9. Damn near every black man who has married or had kids by a white bitch has said or done something stupid. Here is the short list:

    1. Kanye West: Slavery was a choice

    2. OJ Simpson: Assumed white people loved him

    3. Tiger Woods: Thinks he is Cablacanasian

    4. Drake (Aubrey Graham): Wore blackface; had a baby with a porn star

    5. Reggie Bush: Allows ugly white bitch to say racist comments

    6. Taye Diggs: Wears women’s clothes

    7. Hank Baskett: Fucked a tranny

    Guys white bitches are poison! Dr Umar Johnson (And Malcolm X) has said this on several occasions. I just gave you documented proof of what happens when black men fuck around with the devil’s daughter. Why so many successful black men continue to fuck with pale face beckys is beyond me. I guess they want to to feel the pain of a high tech lynching (Bill Cosby) or a actual lynching (Emmett Till).

  10. Kanye is an Opportunist! His wife and her family are Opportunist as well. That’s why everything is about the Shock Value with them.

  11. Jesus NBA, he didn’t say slavery was a choice. He said STAYING in slaved for 300 years was a choice. He was speaking what many smart sociologists have spoken of ever since the days of slavery.

    Africans enslaved in America ere not the first peoples to be enslaved-nor the last. But they remained slaves longer than any other ethnic group.
    They made the choice to stay alive with the hope things would get better, which is understandable I suppose. But many have posited that they would prefer to die fighting off the enslavers rather than to live as a slave for a lifetime.

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