Usher Flees to Sweden to Teach Yoga Amid Herpes Lawsuit

usher sweden yoga

As news broke that Usher was refusing to turn over his medical records to the man who’s accusing him of exposing him to herpes, the singer was spotted in Sweden getting his namaste on and teaching a yoga class.


  1. Welp looks like usher is about to do a Kanye ??‍♀️He already looks wierd as hell in that pic

  2. That’s great Sweden. Just don’t suck his dack or have sex with him unprotected!!

    • Hey I’m a native Atlien, that homosexual you speak of came from the out of towners moving into the city of Atlanta, not too many natives Atlantans are homo get educated before you speak

      • Maybe, but Atlanta and DC are black gay nests. Zesty tangy dudes are perched on Atlanta…with their booty injections. ? How are you a grown man and buying a bubble?

        • Really? How awful. I would hate see that. In Europe no men have that affliction. I feel for you – sending hugs.

          • Bitch no one here cares about euro-pee…and shove your fake sympathy up your ass.

          • ? Europe practically invented gay dudes and it’s crawling with them. Nowhere else will you see so many males wearing blouses and makeup with waxed eyebrows.

            • Rubbish. We have no Atlanta or San Fran. or Hollyweird. You Yankees love and accommodate these freaks more readily than any conservative Euros ever would or could! No one over here is getting a bubble butt apart from women – real women – and we have no gay music scene either with f@gs popping their ‘bussy’ for the whole world to see – and comment on… If you don’t believe me ‘google’ it. You won’t find any –

              United Gaytes of America.

              • Well it is not. We have no NAMBLA over here so back off regroup and try again –

              • lol
                Germany is one of the gayest places ever along with Greece, Spain, and Italy.
                And they definitely have club scenes full of grown men acting like 16 year old girls.

                Half of European men are bisexual. It’s their culture. They’re so misogynistic that many of them gravitate to other men.

            • Europe didn’t have the gay culture honestly but they basically invented the fashion that the gay men wear …… Moreover the designers are mostly gay over there… That guy that Kim caught Kanye in bed with is gay; well duh bruv

              • Yes they do…You need to check out the Jimmy Savile Story, which is just one of many throughout their history…their whole Culture is based on pedophilia…which is the base for homosexuality.

            • Pedo is the basis for homosexuality…. GTFO with ur misdirected knowledge. I’m just waiting for you to blame your ignorance on religious beliefs again.
              Wait for it yall…it’s coming. ?

  3. Yoga sweat can be the worst.

    Just don’t let his sweat touch you- you don’t want to end up with warts on your hands and arms.


    • Tasteless joke “sista.”

      Just because he bisexual means nothing. He’s tryin to move on with his life despite the gossip that makes yo worthless life meaningful.

      This is when some black folks lick their lips and commence to kicking another black person when they down.

      Fat girl.

      • Usher is that you???

        I said what I said- I guess it just hit too close to home. A hit cat WILL holla.

        Maybe if you spent more time keeping your stds in check we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        Only thing worthless is Ushers dick- now proven to be a life killer.

        Gtfoh with your bs and go Stan for him somewhere else.

  4. I can’t speak on the STD cuz it’s not been proven he has one. BUT He’s NASTY and Gross for marrying a women and continuing to mess with men. Pick one not both!!

    • Oh lol, do you need to have proof???

      I thought you could absolutely tell for 100% sure simply by how much better it makes you feel just to ass/ume that someone (who you do not know) has it – even when they have only ever been tested negative and no one has ever proven otherwise –

      Oh my. Where have I been?

  5. lol See now, women will say all this stuff, but swarm Usher in the club.

    But, ? @ his extracurricular activities.

  6. He shouldn’t be in Sweden. He needs to find a witch doctor in Africa that can mix a cure.

  7. Diddnt Russell Simmons do the same…flee off to some where and started teaching yoga ????? (because the heat was on him from those sexual allegations) i thought that’s what I heard. Hell they may b over there together ??????

    • You mean Ruthell Thimmonth? What’s his wife up to? Still with Djimon on Mondays and Marisol on Tuesdays?

  8. The funny part is know one tripped on the fact this story is about the MAN who says he was exposed to herpes.

    So I guess being a homo who marries and has kids is now par for the course.

    And still you have women on another thread saying they wouldn’t want to know who their man has slept with…smfh.

    • Unless it was another man! I am not about to sit down and ask him for a list starting from thirty damn years ago! Simply let me know before we go any futher whether you have ever slept with a man and if you have A House In Virginia. I don’t need to know anything else –

        • Did you ejaculate when you typed that? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?

          • I know you did, all your clap backs are sex related…which means you ain’t gettin’ NONE!!!

            You obviously need some Dick in ya life that is not battery powered, work on that sense your desperation is showing…Sad & Lonely Gutter Tripe…

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