Is Blac Chyna Pregnant By Her Teenage Boyfriend?

blac chyna pregnant

Blac Chyna showed up to her son King Cairo’s graduation, looking like she was pregnant by her 18-year-old boyfriend, YBN Almighty Jay.

Chyna denied the pregnancy rumors back in April through her rep, but click the pictures to see her round stomach.


  1. Men do it all the time and no one says anything.

    He’s 18. It’s her business.

    But still ?
    Chyna. ?

    • It’s still a bad look for her. 3 babies by 3 diffrent fathers and one looks like he’s still in high school. I didn’t even think big Sean and Ariana grande looked right together. Even though she was like 20 she still looked and had the body of a young girl.

      • Ag still has the body of a young boy…

        BC obviously wanted some kid she thought she could control, now she will know what it is to pay child support, literally to a child.

      • Chyna living that hoodrat life

        She just got babies by dudes with more money all you young girls take noted from Chyna and amber

  2. You’re out of your mind. The largest group of pedophiles are men of European descent. That mixture of Neanderthal and Rhesus monkey DNA gives them little control over their animalistic tendencies and desires to inflict pain on the most innocent. Do your research before you spout off such ludicrous and clearly ignorant statements.

  3. She probably been eating good cause all the photos are of her and him going somewhere to get some food!

  4. Wow. Lost for words. I wonder how many females (without a prostate) on here have blonde hair and blonde skin.

      • Look fool. It was a joke. Blonde hair eyes and skin seems to be the norm for you black queens over there –

        • @Scorpies – REAL Black Queens exist in America…just not televised. However, it is not uncommon to find Blacks who obsess and covet degenerative human ape Caucasoid recessive gene traits—especially among anglophone Blacks, francophone Blacks or among Blacks who are heavily white-acculturated and don’t speak a mother tongue as their first language. This conditioning was deliberate.

        • @Scorpies – I understand you. I have high appreciation for the aesthetics of unmixed Black phenotypes and genotypes.

          • Understand what?

            This Botched Bitch is trying to clown for no other reason than she hates herself…no one who is happy inside constantly talks shit about a people she does not know or has no ties to.

  5. I just got 1 question……..Is popping out babies by randoms… that the new profession of millennium? Can somebody help a sista out? Do I need to make a career change?

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