21 Savage Pulls Out a Gun at Pool Party

21 savage gun pool party

Rapper 21 Savage showed up at a pool party in Atlanta, and after a group of people crashed the party and started flirting with one of the girls in his crew, things escalated.

The rapper can be seen in this video holding a gun after a fight broke out.


  1. These crack-era babies have no heart and zero man-to-man combat skills. All that these saggy-pants punks do is pick up a gun or jump somebody. “Saggin” spelled backwards is N-i-g-g-a-s.

  2. “Always cross in the green…never in-between. Two-Thousand-Zero-Zero, Party-Oops-Outta-Time, My bacon’s smellin fine!” -Farakonvict

  3. You are an Idiot…

    Maybe that is how your people act…but not all of us, Moron.

  4. Honey……..you can take da niggas out of the HOOD(and only for a few seconds and no longer) but you can’t take da HOOD out da nights……..Lord Jesus fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. For all you jackholes talking shit…Don’t act like this is an us problem.

    There are plenty of saltines who shoot up concerts, schools and any other public place they choose for target practice.

  6. I don’t see the problem.

    They were having a peaceful celebration, and then thugs crashed the party, so 21 stepped up to protect people. And in particular he was trying to protect a woman.

    What should he have done, run away? Wait 20 minutes to 3 hours for the scared cops to come to the hood?

    There’s a reason for the second amendment.

    Be thankful for someone like him. You’ll want him around if something jumps off. The other day a bunch of armed civilians, not popos, saved people.

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  8. I don’t know. Can people in the trailer park chill with no drama? Can we go a year without a rich, spoiled white child or “man” shooting a bunch of people because he stubbed his toe that morning? Can white people stop sponging off our resources, labor, and talent because they’re wack?

    ? ?

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