Blac Chyna’s Boyfriend Gets His Chain Snatched

blac chyna ybn jay almighty chain snatch

Blac Chyna’s boyfriend, YBN Jay Almighty, got confronted by a group of men in Los Angeles and got his chain snatched! Jay posted a video as he fled the scene in one of Chyna’s cars and demanded the suspects post a video of his chain on social media.

The chain finally popped up in this Instagram video reposted by DJ Akademiks.


  1. So he stole a chain from a little kid and he thinks that’s something too brag about. He’s a little cute, it would seem he should have something else better to do with his life, other than chasing celebrities and stealing chains from lil boys?. How come the never still a chain from DJ Quik, the east Sidaz, Mac 10 or somebody???ohhh I know why, cause you might get killed.

  2. Everytime I see Blac Chyna with this little ass boy It makes me dislike her so much more. She’s fucking disgusting

  3. Sounds like he aint gettin paid by Black China and this is his way to get some cash in his hand even though he has to split the money with the robber.

  4. I would clown her, but men do this all the time. She’s just having fun… and spending Rob’s money. ?

  5. Hahahaha, he a stupid murfukka for posting that shit. Nigga just won himself
    An assault charge
    Possession of a firearm
    Possession of stolen property
    A free trip to booty beach in a private gated suite.

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