Video of Issa Rae Shading Kanye In Front of Kim

issa rae kanye

While hosting the CFDA Awards, Issa Rae slammed Kanye West’s recent antics.

“I’m about as fashionable as Kanye is black — only when it’s convenient,” Rae told the crowd, adding, “That joke was my choice, just like slavery. Come on. He has a No. 1 album. He’s all right.” – Issa Rae

Kim Kardashian was in the audience as she was the recipient of the event’s Influencer award.


  1. That might be funny if she didn’t choose to have a relationship storyline on her show with a white male.

  2. Will HSK just stop reporting on the KKlan for maybe a week! Can you all do it for one week?
    There are other things going on in the world that affect other stars and other platforms!

    • They pay these websites to talk about them. Pretty sure it won’t stop any time soon unfortunately

      • Oh really?? I thought advertisers provided revenue to blog sites like this. Didn’t know that celebrities also pay blog sites to print stories about them. Interesting. Well, exposure requires marketing, marketing, marketing. That’s the lifeblood of business.

    • Thank god I’m not the only one sick to death of the K’s and all of their plastic body parts ?

      • You’re not the only one. It is suspicious how their images are bombarding Black media sites. What is so special about that Caucasian family?

        • Oh they are bombarding white sites as well, and they are no more wanted there than they are here.

  3. She’s a coon herself. She was the one who told black women to not date black men but Asian men. Majority of these pro blacks won’t even date other blacks

    • I think she was joking.

      Besides, it would take some strong a** witchcraft for black women to chase after Asian men. The exception being Melanesian/Polynesian “Asian” men.

    • Those type of pro blacks remind me of the character Tessa Thompson played in the movie Dear White People.

    • I can understand why some black women would advise other black women to avoid the only race of men on the planet who do not see beauty in their own race of women –

      • Two wrongs don’t make a right! That’s the problem with black people they always bash each other but want to be taken seriously by other races. Don’t fall in love with someone based on stereotypical bullshit because if that’s the case no black woman should ever be with a white man since they raped and killed their ancestors! Not all black men dislike black women.

        • An awful lot do. But what gets me is that even the ones who do like us still seem to think that they don’t have to put the work in. Why don’t they march for us and be more vocal / visual in the media with their support for us? It’s like it is a private thing with them. I very rarely see any positive support for black women in the media from ‘pro black women’ black men. It’s rare lol.

          When I see other races claiming to hate their own women then I’ll conceed defeat.

          • You are speaking about those sorry men in the uk…yeah they don”t like you or care for you…that is why you have to date out.

            Why don’t you ask them why they don’t want you.

            • It’s a white troll saying this.

              This tired rhetoric is from white trolls.

              Most of the people online saying this anti-black-love stuff are white. Fake accounts and bs. Stop buying their nonsense.

              • She is not white…she is some black chick from the uk who can be an idiot at times, but has been on here for years.

        • If you’re on the internet all day it would seem so but in real life it’s just not the case. I agree.

      • @Scorpies – The majority of marital and non-marital Black women I see on a daily basis are with Black men. Why direct mental energy to a narrative that is contradicted by numbers among EVERY Black ethnic group on this ENTIRE planet? The MAJORITY of Black women are paired with BLACK MEN. The birth rate of authentically Black children is NOT on a decline.

        There will NEVER be a time on this planet where Black women, as a collective, choose to downgrade our ethnic lineages (that go back to eternity) by mating and reproducing with STRAIGHT-HAIRED, ape-hybrid, recessive Asians (Mongoloids and Caucasoids). Our non-recessive gene code is the BEST!

        Those Blacks who lack genetic competence will cause their own demise and erase themselves out of existence. Good riddance!

    • No individual of Black/AfRAkan ancestry is ‘pro-Black’ if they advocate and engage IR. It’s that simple. As the old folks say, “Talking ‘black’ and sleeping ‘white'”…is a contradiction and fraudulent.

    • @Anon – Kim Kartrashian is NO match for AfRAkan power. Black women have a special relationship with MAGNETIC FORCES. Not all Black women have amnesia of their innate gifts. I’m keenly aware of who’s been holding down the fort among all indigenous nations while war-mongering Mongoloids and Caucasoids went on a criminal rampage, worldwide, propagating a theft/homicidal/genocidal culture.

  4. Issa Rae, Kanye West and Drake; three of the biggest coons in black hollywood!

  5. Issa Rae called the Filipinos the n***ers of Asia. I’m not making this up. This black woman who went to Stanford said this offensive, stupid shit!

    • Yeah, her story’s been confirmed. She was all over a white on camera.

      But I still think she was being sarcastic with the Asian comments. I think she knows it’s nonsense.

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