Halle Berry’s Pregnancy PR Stunt?

After showing up on the red carpet with a round belly and her hands resting on the bump, Halle Berry is denying she’s pregnant for the third time.

The 51-year-old actress addressed the pregnancy rumors through an Instagram post with the caption, “Can a girl have some steak and fries??”


What do you think? Is this a PR stunt or do you think Halle really has a bun in the oven?


  1. She knew tongues would be sent wagging if she placed her hands like that on her bloated tummy.

    • Wrong! Halle desperately needs attention. When was the last time Halle starred in a movie?

  2. High & drunk. She aint no damn pregnant. She trolling the media like trump do

  3. Halle Berry, over fifty, can’t act, no talent, has taken nude pictures, has babies out of wedlock and pulls pathetic stunts to draw publicity. Halle Berry has become the black female version of Madonna.

    • STFU asshole…

      You just said in another post she is mulatto, then you come here say all this negative shit about her and now she is black?

      Talk about a ngga being programmed to hate himself…you fit that bill to a tee.

      Such a sorry ass POS you are…smh.

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