French Montana Claims ‘Light Skin Excellence,’ Gets Schooled by Diddy

french montana light skin excellence

Diddy has been preaching about “Black Excellence” all over the place, and French decided to start a movement of his own.

The rapper rounded up a bunch of light brights, including Drake, and captioned the photo “Light Skin Excellence.”

Diddy had to hit him with the “guys stop!”

What do you think, can French be great with his light-skinned excellence or is he promoting colorism?


  1. Diddy didn’t give a shit about Black Excellence when he was ripping off his Bad Boy artist. Take that take that!

    • exactly …see the clown bout people change, well with the millions he made last year, does he want to back pay all his artist, probably not…

  2. #You Got A Light-Skinned Friend Lookin’ Like Michael Jackson……You Got A Dark-Skinned Friend Lookin’ Like Michael Jackson.

    Lol……These 2 Queens Need 2 Stop It!!!

  3. Yup thats how arabs are and didnt he just come back a few months ago from sudan or something for the unforgettable video? Diddy will prolly make him ‘apologize’ (on his knees) for saying it.

  4. He mad he kept getting cropped out of pictures. He is not light skinned. He has no African American lineage to denote that ‘title’. What does he know about black history?! Were his parents born in America like millions of black Americans?

  5. French wasn’t born in America

    Swear non blacks start rapping get some black pussy and they think they all hood

    Bill Clinton was considered down just cause he played a sax

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