Bad News for Terry Crews’ Sexual Assault Case

terry crews adam venit sexual assault case

Terry Crews filed a criminal complaint against talent agent Adam Venit, but the case has been REJECTED by both the L.A. County D.A. and the L.A. City Attorney.

Sources say the D.A. rejected the felony case, in which Crews claimed Venit grabbed his junk at an industry party.

The reason for the rejection is because the incident “was barred by the statute of limitations” since it occurred in February 2016. The statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is 1 year, and although he was aiming for felony charges, the incident didn’t constitute a felony charge so the case was tossed.

Instead, Crews is moving forward with a civil lawsuit against the talent agent.


  1. He should of said something when it happened instead of waiting for the # me to movement it doesn’t matter if he is a man say something but again he is up some powerful people that only looks out for their own.

    • Thats why i never understood rape victims especially adult ones…when the shit happen just say it…dont risk your safety and honor for just 2-4 years of fame..thats why its really hard to take these men and women serious

  2. Hopefully everyone heals from this includin the victims. Never go where you’re not wanted start your own movie business.

  3. This is why many people do not come forward.

    These MFs always find a way to weasel out of the charges.

  4. I wonder if his attorney is pushing this.
    He was at an A list party because of the guest list (Sandman) and there were apologies made so why do this now?

  5. I think he should let it go. He did good by coming out and saying something. Because after he finally stood up and said something it made even more people come forward and ended up revealing more pervs. Regardless if he actually gets payback, he was one of the first celebs to come out and put his career on the line to help back up the regular people’s claims against these powerful pervs. Because with celebs coming forward, it puts more truth to it, because they have their career to loose.

  6. The celebs have everything to loose and nothing You gain from reporting these ppl. Him stepping up and saying something publically did so much more damage to the pervs than the court or money could ever do. He made the regular folks claims legit. So he should understand he won, forget the court.

  7. Now people can see why women typically HAVE to settle.

    The “system “/ men do NOT take these charges seriously and usually let these pigs off scott-free, especially when they are white!

    It is NOT about the $$$ it is about principal and fighting an unjust system.

    See it through Terry.

  8. Terry Crews should start his own Org. It would be a great change in a meaningful career direction and bring a platform for guys who also go through this. If he will be blacklisted in H-wood for putting the scuzzbag on blast, he might as well start and organization or foundation to help guys who’ve had similar experiences. I’m sure he’d get lots of support.

    • Sadly, I don’t think he would.

      The shame around abuse for men is a Huge factor to overcome…this is why they typically lash out at weaker people, because talking about their pain is too much for them.

  9. Terry is a Hippocrates he can twerk his ass and try to rape I’ve cube and Kat Williams then he can try to fuck Marlon way and dressed like a white girl and thrn get mad cause he got his dick touched

  10. When ur black its easy to charged with some shit but on the flip side u call the police there a bunch of loop holes to jump threw being black is hard shit we should get a check for it

  11. A gay white man sexually assaulted Terry Crews two years ago and the result is no criminal charges filed and no arrest. Several ugly white bitches accuse Boule Bill is of sexual assault and rape which resulted in his arrest. This is 100% proof that Amerikkka hates black people, specifically strong, heterosexual black men!

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  13. statue for limitations in criminal and sexual assault cases are 3 years in California and up to 7 years just looks like a pay out to the DA to me. This looks really bad on our legislation and not just that proves my point to be the LAPD is crooked as ever. Keep fighting Terry, obtain new lawyers if those people you are paying are not pushing. I stand with Terry and hope he fights to the end.

  14. It really stinks that this creep disrespected Terry in front of his wife. I hope he gets some kind of compensation for not breaking this man’s jaw.

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