WTF?! Flavor Flav Hasn’t Paid Taxes in 10 Years!

flavor flav back taxes

Flavor Flav “forgot” to pay taxes between the years 2005-2015, according to sources. This was the period of time he was raking in appearance fees and making bank on various reality TV shows.

Because of his failure to pay, he now owes the IRS a whopping $3.1 million dollars.

If he doesn’t start forking over his cash, the government will start seizing his assets and property…if he has any.


  1. I hope he didn’t have an accountant if so I would get rid of them so fast but it looks like he is just another one of their victim that didn’t play ball

  2. Well, he better start getting his personal affairs in order. Looks like he’s about to have an address change really soon.

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