Swae Lee’s Ex-Girlfriend Clowns Blac Chyna

swae lee ex girlfriend blac chyna

Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd was put on blast when his ex-girlfriend accused him of cheating on her with Blac Chyna.

During an Instagram Live session, Marliesia Oritz wrote: “You love sucking people n****s d***s huh? @blacchyna,” she also wrote. “Y’all can have each other. @swae lee.”

Then she went for the jugular:



Chyna might want to tread lightly. Marliesia was allegedly arrested at the age of 13 for conspiring to kill her foster mom.


  1. She aint lie on them. She should be happy she aint have no babies wit him…on to the next.

  2. Lmao. His ex played herself allllll the way around. Lil dude is young and rich. Not even 25 years old yet. In no way is he going to be faithful to anyone right now. Of course she’s one of many. OF COURSE SHE IS!
    Better luck next time hun.

  3. She’s pretty what a fucking dumbass to cheat on her with that ugly ass deformed looking muppet. Just goes to show looks don’t matter to these niggas sad

  4. I don’t understand pretty girls fighting over men, especially ugly ones. Go get another one, omg!!!

  5. She’s cute. Keep it moving, girl!! He don’t want Blac Chyna’s manufactured ass either. He’s just doing what men do. You give it to them and they will take it.

  6. LMAO! That fake ass looks like giant balls without the penid! LMAO! The dog was funny too. LMAO!??

  7. I really applaud this girl for getting some of that money kardashian stole from black men in her pocket

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