Odell Beckham Jr.’s Ex-Girlfriend Releases Intimate Video


    odell beckham jr girlfriend video

    Odell Beckham’s ex-girlfriend, Polyxeni Ferfeli, must be in her feelings about their breakup because she just released this intimate video that’s a little bit creepy.

    Hit the play button.

    One of Odell’s friends hit up the comments section and had this to say:

    odell beckham jr girlfriend video 2


    1. If the only time you can get a man to take a picture with you is when he sleep, you should dumb him, cause he don’t want you.

      • i believe that…a handsome rich black man w/o a woman and living w/his parents or parents living w/him? hmm….yup! i don’t think i’ve ever seen him w/a woman.


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