Common & Angela Rye Announce Breakup

common angela rye breakup

Common and political analyst Angela Rye have been laying low for the past month. After the rapper brought his mom to the Oscars instead of Angela, we knew it wouldn’t be long before they announced their breakup.

The news hit yesterday when Angela released this statement:

“We have and will always be friends. He is an amazing human being, and I’m a much better person because he’s a part of my life. May we all keep loving and living.”

Why can’t Common keep a woman?


  1. she is a loud mouth and talks very uneducated on cnn. i always wondered how someone like that got on tv? must be the straight hair and light skin. i don’t blame common for dumping her…who could listen to that voice everyday!

  2. I don’t think Common will stay with any woman no matter how educated or beautiful. He dates women but yearns for men.

    • Lol I was just about to say that . And he was too gay to marry Serena so she ended up passing wealth out of the community and back to Whites

  3. I like Angela and she holds her own on CNN when she’s on the panel with those wrinkled up white, pro Confederacy Republicans. She’s a strong, accomplished (attorney) black woman with an even brighter future. Hopefully she’ll get even more screen time or end up with her own show one day.

  4. Does anybody know why there is beef between Angela Rye and Dr. Boyce Watkins?

    • She ignored Dr. Watkins at a black business expo event. He wanted her to speak at one of the business session. Angela is very self promoted, yet, she uses black platform for self gain

  5. Don’t trust any black person who is constantly on mainstream television. Angela Rye, Kamala Harris, and Cory Booker sound like they are down with the black community; but the only time you see them in the community is for photo ops. In other words, don’t trust the black bourgeoisie!

  6. Why can’t Angela keep a man?..should also be a question. You know all she do is run her mouth and get loud. She is intelligent and beautiful,but she is state sponsored media. her & simone dont have no man, but they can get dick tho!

    • All she do is run her mouth and get loud, that’s why Angela Rye (and Halle Berry) can’t keep a man. No successful strong man will tolerate a woman who talks too much and shouts all the damn time.

  7. Sistas if you want to find a successful man and marry him here is some advice; shut up, learn how to cook, clean up the kitchen and give your man a foot and back massage.

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      Talking shit about women yet have not had one that was not paid for in yrs.

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        • LOL, You must be talking about yourself…you Raggedy Ass Hump Back Dumpster Sized Snaggle-Tooth Rat!

    • Very true. Works with my man.

      It’s amzing how easy the formula you said above works.

      Men are simple!!!!!!!

  8. Sistas want to know why more and more black men are going to countries like Colombia, Argentina and Brazil? It’s because the black women in South America know how to treat a man.

    • LMAO, Ngga You are paying for that pussy…period.

      No one wants you or anyone like you, Bitch Ass MF.

  9. Sistas in Brazil do not compete with a man, they compliment him. Those black women have no problem giving up the pussy then making him dinner. Black women in America need to shut their mouths and realize that no man wants to tolerate a black women who talks loud and ain’t saying nothin!

    P.S. Black women can’t be feminists!

    • NBA is fixed Mar 13, 2018 at 11:35

      !00% fact, look at the nappy head scally wag above posting as anonymous for proof. I bet she is 300 pounds with a $20 wig from Sally’s with 2-4 no sh*t baby daddy’s .

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