Blac Chyna Breaks Down on Instagram Live

blac chyna crying instagram live

Is Blac Chyna feeling the heat after allegedly hooking up with Swae Lee? She recently filmed herself on Instagram Live, staring into the camera while crying

Peep the video:


  1. She’s chasing that fame and that celebrity and paying the cost. That industry leaves everyone broken. The smart ones walk away early. The desperate ones get used up and end up without a soul.

  2. Chyna been with several men , women and trannies too late plus she got two kids by two different dudes

  3. What I see is a little girl crying out for help. Instead of throwing stones at the poor girl, pray for her, cause she really needs it.

    • People are always trying to give sympathy for these hoes. She went after what she wanted, and got it. If she’s unhappy with the price she’s had to pay, then tough shit. Let this be a hard lesson learned.

  4. That’s chyna auditioning tape she is aiming to go Hollywood to do bigger movie roles don’t let that woman fool you maybe she can go addition on Sesame Street I heard they’re looking for urban puppet

  5. I’m i the only one that can’t see her crying? I’m confused.. she just look like she looking into the camera to me.

  6. She needs to seek thee for thyself.. She needs to find herself and take care of those beautiful children she has.. The life she’s living will suck the life out of anyone.. I will stay on the
    narrow road and be happy..

  7. Tyga messed her over. Guys don’t be realizing these woman, especially strippers, hoes and hookers are not as tough as they pretend to be. Some low life evil guys use them and then toss them and they don’t understand the hurt they caused. The first time I got played I was upset for all of 30 minutes, the second time I was upset for about 3 months until my friend reminded me he was ugly and I was trippin. Anyhow I realized guys try to hurt you sometimes to purposely destroy you. Because when both of those guys seen me bounce back like I never was down they both asked me to marry them. So I think the trick to dealing with shady niggas to A big deal with them but if you do never let them see you sweat and upgrade yourself for real. not doing stupid shyt like sex tapes, posting degrading pictures, have babies, messing with other dudes and stupid stuff the like that. The only person you hurting is yourself and then you give him the comfort of moving on because your now trash to him.

    Do stuff like make sure you stay in shape, upgrade your income, upgrade to a husband, stuff like that. Doing hoe stuff just hurting you and dropping you stock.

  8. Don’t want to be horrible but she seems high in this vid. Even though she’s got the worst reputation and don’t do he self no favours she hasn’t really had a positive role model. Have you see her mother?? She hasn’t really come from much so thinks money, sex, drugs and fame validates her. It’s very sad because she just ended up ruining herself

    • Agreed!

      I wish people would realize she’s ALWAYS high!! Who knows what emotions she’s feeling when she’s on the roller coaster!!

      When she talks- High
      When she’s in shoots- High
      When she’s with Dream- High

      It’s difficult to watch this train wreck happen.

      She needs Rehab first and foremost before she makes any other moves!!

  9. I don’t feel sorry for people that have the ability to change certain situations in their lives. She sleeping around with little boys, gay dudes and god knows what else. She’s not a child she knows what the hell shes doing and to make it worst she has two children. She tried to get revenge from Kylie and Tyga but ended up basically being owned by the kardashians. She needs to be worried about her life because those kardashians are still mad over all what she did. And of course it would be a accidental overdose and her daughter could end up getting pumped out by Kris.

  10. Don’t Cry Chyna..Dry Your Eyes & Pick Yourself Up……#Children LIVE What They LEARN!!!!

    >Olivia the slave
    Got distracted on her way
    To grandmother’s house
    A wolf in nice clothin’ came
    Blew her mind and changed her ways

    And now she’s turned out
    Lost and turned out
    Lost and turned out


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