Lisa Bonet Opens Up About Bill Cosby’s ‘Sinister’ Energy

lisa bonet bill cosby sinister

In an interview with Net-Porter, Lisa Bonet was asked if “revelations about Bill Cosby’s alleged sexual misconduct tainted her memory of those years?” She responded with, “No, it’s exactly as I remember it.”

The actress went on to say she had no knowledge of “his specific actions,” but she dropped this response…

“There was just energy. And that type of sinister, shadow energy cannot be concealed.”

When asked if she sensed darkness, the actress said:

“Always. And if I had anything more to reveal then it would have happened a long time ago. That’s my nature. The truth will set you free.”


  1. Well the truth always come out she said this a long time ago and he played it off like she was crazy good for her he will get his .

    • FUCK ALL THESES WOMEN… DEBBIE ALLEN TURNED THE WHOLE CAST OUT ON DIFFERENT WORLD. Cosby was a saint compared to a Debbie.. Th3 double standard when it comes to women

  2. He’s already been aired out and it’s refreshing… He was so hard on single mothers it was disgusting.
    I never liked any of his shows because I knew it was all an act.. NBC was paying off women right and left for him.. He’s a disgusting old man that does have one ounce of empathy for others..
    Now that same dog came back and bit her old behind..

  3. He wanted her draws bad. In an interview, he actually showed how mad he was that she never gave them up.

  4. That’s the best response to anything that I have ever read. She basically said the set wasn’t as friendly as it seemed and I don’t know nothing else and if I did I would tell you, End of story, don’t ask me nothing else about this.

    I like her!

  5. I heard that’s how she got a Different World. He tried something with her, she didn’t like it, threatened to walk off The Cosby Show, and got A Different World to appease her.

    • If this is true, then Kadeem Hardison, Jasmine Guy (Looks just like Lisa Bonet), Debbie Allen and the entire A Different World cast and crew must thank Lisa Bonet for standing up to boule Bill. She is responsible for all of them having jobs.

      • .Lot of y’all must be young. Bonet and Cosby knocked heads because of her marriage and getting pregnant and because of a movie role she took Cosby felt wasn’t a good look for his show. After the pregnancy he took her off DW and bought her back to Cosby then she got fired. Bonet seems ungrateful and salty. Just like some of y’all with Cosby.y’all are pissed with what he said which he said in house and it got out he was right imo. Some of our people needed to be checked and it’s gotten worse. Dude has put his money in sending our people to college had positive shows etc. Its a set up and he paid the Costand bitch 3.5 million. It was a shakedown and still is.

        • Please STFU…

          Cospig Admitted in his deposition to doing the heinous shit he is being accused of and if you think anything he has said trumps that you need to be in a mental institution.

  6. All this time boule Bill was fucking lots of young naive black women (Stacey Dash, Robin Givens?), drugging and fucking desperate white bitches and trying to fuck Lisa Bonet, his wife sat back and did nothing. In addition Phylicia Rashad did nothing and said nothing. In other words Camille Cosby is a silent stepford wife who tolerated boule Bill’s devilish adultry and debauchery! The two Cosbys are not role models. They have done more harm than good to the black community.

    • Ditto many of the black politician and entertainers were hand picked by white racists to make us all look bad when the govt forced them to hire black.Fact

  7. I believe Lisa and others that come forward about this sick bastard. My mother Met him when she was younger and said he was not a nice guy at all. It’s just sad how he tricked so many people for so long.

  8. Still don’t understand why Lisa Bonet did the nude scenes in the movie Angel Heart.

  9. she is still fucking for roles. last time i saw her she was on showtime ray donovan butt ass naked and playing a character who was fucking her own brother. but i guess at the end of the day u should be able to decide who you want to fuck or not. she damn sure didnt want to fuck bill tho

    • Wow… So much for her little “sinister energy” tirade. It took one to know one.

  10. That blind motherfucker sacrificed two of his own children to the hollywood devils. After all the debauchery and devilish shit that boule Bill has done, he can never talk about the black community again. He should shut his mouth and count the days until his old blind ass dies.

  11. She forgot the part where she fucked bill for her spin-off different world and that bill was pissed and fired her cause she wanted some young meat Lenny kravitz was fucking Lisa and bill was jealous

    That case if Lisa never gave pussy he would have fired her back then

  12. We know bill.used to out his pudding pop that hot half white coochie
    Hell.i would too

  13. That’s all you have to say? why say anything at all? How much did someone pay you to just say something negative? Bonet played out after the first season of the cosby show…Weirdo!

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