Here’s the Real Reason Usher & Grace Miguel Split

usher grace miguel reason separation

No, it has nothing to do with those alleged herpes allegations or the rumors of him dating Love & Hip Hop Miami star, Amara la Negra.

The Jasmine Brand insists Usher and Grace Miguel are going their separate ways because they simply weren’t on the same page when it came to starting a family.

Here’s what a source said:

“Grace REALLY wanted to have kids and Usher wasn’t necessarily open to the idea.”

It put a strain on their marriage since 48-year-old Grace wasn’t able to conceive naturally:

“Grace wanted to have a surrogate, but Usher was only willing to adopt. He didn’t want a surrogate at all. Ultimately, he was the deciding factor of them not having a kid together.”

Wait, they didn’t discuss this before getting married?


  1. Here is the real reason usher found out the she was really born a woman and said he was out for a minute he thought his ex was a man till she showed him she had a child. Not I don’t no .

  2. I Think That Grace Is A Very Pretty & Classy Woman That Stays Low-Key And In Her Own Lane.

    She Is Just Catching A Lot Of Flak For Being Married To A Controversial Celebrity & She Seems To Not Crave All Of The Limelight That Comes With The Territory.

  3. Wow Amara. She tryna come up in the snakes pit so bad but do u really know the costs? You want fame that bad amara u gonna expose urself to this dirty dick ass nikkua who will raw dog men, women, transvestite, goats, whatever? Ok then, do u mama.

    • Lol but everbody knew usher was gay…even superhead talk about it in her book. I think the herpes scandal messed his wifes image of him

  4. Lies.

    Grace already has a few kids.

    This is a PR Spin to deflect from Grace leaving his hoe, oozy pustule having ass!

  5. They lived together for years before getting married.
    Not having his kuds is not the reason.
    She could have had his kud years ago.

    nope keep guessing

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