Paris Jackson is Tired of Fans Who Edit Her Skin Color

paris jackson skin lighten

Paris Jackson is a fan of all the edited photos her followers create, but she’s sick and tired of them darkening and lightening her skin.

Does she have a point?


  1. Paris you is a white girl you do not resemble Mike, janet, Latoya or none of the Jackson’s when they was young I’m sorry but if you notice all the Jackson’s have strong genetics and even Joe’s outside daughter resemble the family all the Jackson’s brothers kids look similar even the ones who married outside their race cept mikes kids

  2. If Mike was living he would be jealous of Paris pure white skin and long silky hair

  3. What skin color does Paris Jackson have? She’s a recessive, albinoid, Caucasian. Her gene code is defective, by default. Who do Whites think they’re fooling?

    • Thank you, their skin is a mutation nothing special. Shiit the darker you are, the more original you are to the first man and human… Albino mutation europeans will have the world think thats the standard of beauty, obviously it puts them at an advantage and everyone who is not like them at a disadvantage, hmm go figure… smh

  4. More mixed? This poor test tube child. Only thing she’s mixed with is white and pink. It’s a damn shame the jacksons made all that money just to give it all back to the whites. That whole damn crazy ass family black genetics are nearing extinction ??‍♀️

  5. BITCH! This meth-cocaine-heron bish is unbelievable, mixed???….Bitch u mixed now?? She need to work for Trump or kellyanne conway because she believe in them ALTERNATIVE FACTS.. I think she need to just be quiet and keep dyking it up with that satanist kara delevinges or write a book with that white lady from the naacp. Girl bye.

  6. Wealthy white families rule because they don’t racemix and they keep it pure white and within their bloodlines

    The jacksons hated blacks do.much Joe and Katherine encouraged their kids to marry light or white

    Bobby brown said Janey’s family didn’t like him for being dark

    • So true, thats why she married a Non black maaan., The Jacksons have too much self hate with their skin.. smh Obviously Bobby was good enough to give Janet the BBC but when it came to marrying she wouldnt marry his black assss unless he was White smh Self hate runs amongs the Sista’s as well.. who some how are submissive to White man but not black men smh The Brainwashing is real!!!!

      • Janet married a biracial James debarge plus he was famous then s Latino who looked gay then this rich Arab

        Yeah she dated Jermaine during trying to get some hits

    • @Crazychris Dr. Frances Cress Welsing has been talking about this most of her professional life(rip)her lectures on race mixing/Interracial Relationships & many others are all on YT,rather then watch bs cable tv/reality shows…etc you many wana give the soul sista a listen

      • @Crazychris i didn’t mean you should listen,you seem to understand the game,i meant WE as black ppl should give the Dr a listen…bless

  7. Mike said he liked black people but he married two white women tried to pass off three white kids as biracial he tried to convince us he was straight but Mike showed little sexual interest in women he stayed around boys holding hands with them there are pics that suggest these were his boytoys

    Mike might have tried women before he realized they wasn’t for him like most gay guys

    He stayed having perms, he wore lipstick and makeup even.when he tried masculine he had a little feminine in his voice he was bipolar he would switch from Peter pan to innocent child to.grown up.quick

    • One of his kids is biracial. Don’t let that perm and flat iron fool you. Mike was too into himself to not have a kid with his genes.

      Mike’s success made him weird.

      Like, imagine Thriller happening to you, at that age. It’s like Mike Tyson getting a check for 4 million at the age of 16. He’s also been famous since he was a kid.

      MJ would wave out of a hotel and shut down traffic. Who else besides the Beatles and Elvis was that big? Elvis turned into an addict. The Beatles went to Asia, smoked some stuff, and started talking nonsense. Mike kept making hits.

      I don’t think he did what people claim. I think he saw how dirty the industry was so he wanted to help kids escape that. He also grew up in Gary, Indiana aka the hood; so he knows what that’s like, and he opened his home to hood kids.

      It was basically like Oprah’s leadership academy except he just wanted the kids to have fun. When he donated to charities, he had no idea where the money went, but with Neverland he could see his impact.

      *Dave Chappelle voice* “I was trying to show you a better life! Bubbles, get these f***** ass kids out my house!”

  8. No straight black man chooses to hang around Emanuel Lewis instead of Brooke Shields. Mike was a gay pedo. How do you explain him hanging around Rodney Allen Ripley, Emanuel Lewis, then the white boy from Home Alone.

  9. The question still stands, can anybody confirm or deny Bob Hope fucking/raping underage Michael Jackson? I heard Joe Jackson set the whole thing up.

    P.S. Paris Jackson is white

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