Trey Songz’s Accuser Granted Restraining Order

trey songz restraining order

Trey Songz’s alleged victim, who accused him of hitting her in the face during a jealous rage, headed to court to ask for a restraining order.

In the court docs, the alleged victim said Trey “choked her,” then began punching her in the face until she fell to the ground. He continued striking her until security pulled him from her.

Pictures have leaked of the woman with bruises on her body.

The judge granted the restraining order, and attorney Lisa Bloom announced the news on her Twitter account:

trey songz restraining order

trey songz restraining order


  1. Cue Jacky’s Kool Keith diss track lyrics: “You go both ways, like Trey Songz” 😛

  2. This what happens when you are not permitted or do not permit yourself to be who you are. It amazes me how many men who are DL or are thought to be DL end up beating their “girlfriends”. This accumulated frustrations and need to strike out are a dangerous mixture.

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