EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! Drake’s BF 21 Savage Knocked Out in Arizona?


HSK Exclusive – 21 Savage aka the 24-year-old Atlanta rapper Drake hooked up with a lil red Ferrari — yeah him. (peep his bday Instagram post):


So word has it that 21 Savage was “knocked out” in Arizona. Check the video for Champange Papi’s lil red Ferrari fella’s feedback on those rappin’ azz gangstaz out thur!!!



  1. 21 savafge was dissing gay dudes recently dude got a knife on his forehead yeah we know you serve satan.

  2. Rosaydrake,bought his homey sexual favors ,I guess drakes on his prince shit now,cue: lil red corvette!

  3. Stop acting like a super savage and just be humble and normal in life.

  4. Drake like shit tanks … 50 cent To posing with that shit chingy wus caught wit gonna put … It… On power

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