Kanye West Hospitalized in Los Angeles


It took a series of on stage rants and bizarre behavior for someone to finally make a call to get Kanye West some help.

After the remaining dates of his Saint Pablo tour were canceled, many people wondered WTF was really up with Yeezy.

He had just went on a rant about Beyoncé scamming her way to an MTV Video of the Year award and Jay Z having “hitters” at his disposal. But now, Kanye is laid up in a Los Angeles hospital.

According to TMZ, cops responded around 1:20 p.m. today to the rapper’s home.

Paramedics took the rapper to UCLA Medical Center for “severe sleep deprivation.” But after a physician examined him, they decided he needed to be admitted.

Cops tell TMZ Kanye didn’t want to go, and he had to be restrained while transported to the hospital.

BTW, Kim left on a private jet around 5 a.m. this morning to attend a gala honoring her late father in NYC. This was going to be her first public appearance since her Paris robbery.

Lets see if she makes the trip back to Cali ASAP to be by her husband’s side (yeah, right.)

Get well soon, Yeezy.


  1. HE started talking to much he had to be reprogrammed smh I don’t like kanyetta west but wouldn’t wish sickness on anyone hope he’s ok.

    • I think he already knows what’s coming, asking JayZ not to kill him. The boy is crazy and aware at the same time of what’s coming.

      • Thank you, my thoughts exactly. Jay and B been having some shady business in da mix!

        • 4-5 days & not a single new article? Yes, it drove comments up on this thread but that doesn’t mean people aren’t noticing.

    • People might not like what he said, Jay-Z and Snoop, but he is telling the truth. It’s not a sickness, it’s called a Black Man’s fed up with American racism.

        • He is telling the plan is set to happen to him. He has been doing this, in part, for years. That is why they make him look crazy and unpredictable. Remember that “Yeesus” is the ultimate backward sacrifice and these Satanist play out twisted version of Christianity for their own amusement. This is a f*cked up parody. Tidal is going down and J needs a “life” to make it successful and that guy is cold blooded. Kanye is in trouble cause he is a bit passive aggressive and unpredictable. Sometimes people make mistakes in this world. I think he didn’t realize about what happened to Mom until after the fact and that is why he doesn’t play nicely all the time. But in then end, even after what happened to his mom, he has always been trying to save his own life and play the “chess game” in that fashion. He doesn’t realize that unless he gets under the blood of the true Lamb, he is expendable in the game and will never come out unscathed.

          • He is a gemini…which makes him predisposed to being crazy and unpredictable.

            I have not met a sane one yet.

          • Real truth. Jay Z is a high functioning sociopath and doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone; not even his own daughter. I just hope that Tidal and Jay Z go down in f*cking flames. Fuck Jay Z and all these tap dancing coons who promote f*ckery. Hopefully Snoop, Diddy, and Michael Jordan will be next.

        • No one mentioned Kanye being innocent. That is your words and interpretation of what was said. I just mentioned how the game is played.

      • But he dated a black female for many yrs, they were even engaged. You cant help who you love. Im a black woman who’s dated men of different races.

        • That is not love…he acted like he won a krakka jack prize when that skank paid him some attention.

          And you can date whoever you want, but if you believe any of those men are going to wife you, you would be sadly mistaken.

          • #PREACH! KraKKKa-dashians are the worst of the worst. and we already know that the regular run-of-the-mill caveBitch is a nasty dog Phucker! Filthy bitches being put on pedestals is a travesty in itself. But Kanye’s paying his bill now A La Tripple Black Mother Universe! I think these black males who do this shit realized once they are in the straight jacket and have nothing but silence, that seducing him with the white female is the white male’s best secret weapon to cut his dumb black ass off from his only protection (That’s why his mother’s out of the picture)… Sane black Men and Black Women create the same cosmic magic of the universe. C00ns can’t get it until it’s too late. I’m sure diaper booty is having congress with her Estate Lawyers…

    • Barbed wired, how do you know that is true? Where you there? Did he tell you that?

  2. And so it begins I was wondering who was going to be the next A list celebrity to go to that very far away place to be taken out he is slipping and it’s hard to program a adult over 30 good bye Mr West.

    • Yeah, if he gets to talking too much, they’ll just off him and we’ll hear about him having some kind of “mishap”, or “suiciding” himself. They need their puppet to do their bidding, and their going to try and step in and correct this situation asap!

        • Not every person signs an oath, BW. The Cabal is very selective. Some folks are just collateral damage and don’t know who they are f*cking with.

          • Exactly…but you can’t tell the mentally afflicted on here anything.

            They think they know it all.

          • What did I tell you here is the main one now…just have to put their no cents/sense in the mix…

      • Yep, Jay Z is a cold blooded sociopath who will kill anyone who bothers to step in his way. Yeah I too heard about Kathy White. Some people actually thought this part was a joke. You think a man with as much money and industry pull as Jay has that he wouldn’t have willing killers on deck who are ready, and willing to do his dirty work? Like Diddy, he has a bunch of loyal wolves from the streets, to the corporate world.

        • Remember also that poor bodyguard who used to work for Jay?
          Jayz is allegedly ruthless

          • Don’t remember hearing about that one. Mind filling me in? Or I’ll just look it up.

  3. I hope he’s praying for hisself and peace be with him..
    I wish him the best.. No one in this mans life has his best interest in anything..
    Seek thee for thy self.. He will work it out for you, but you must seek it..
    His words are come to me all that is weak and weary.. Seek Jesus

  4. Didn’t they do the same thing to Michael Jackson. And we know what happened to him.

    Hopefully, Kanye will be fine. I still think he flew off the deep end when his mother died.

    • Was that before or after Michael harmed those children?
      Part of me feels sorry for Kanye and the other part says this is exactly what he gets for hooking up with the Koven and swinging from the Carters nuts. I know he’s unstable but he does bear most of the blame here.

  5. I keep telling yall this sucka gonna end up in the looney bin and Kim gonna have all control and take all his money. but he gonna stay in that looney bin. A whore is a deep ditch she will end you one way or another . these black men better wake up to that fact …..these kardashian women are death dealers .

    • They have drained Kanye. He has no money left. He may have a few millions but in the scheme of things, that money is committed to take care of his debts. He is broke. They are going to kill this man. He will not be allowed to walk away with the children and half of Kim’s fortune which is legally his by the way.

    • @Wired, one cannot violate the universal law for long. Eventually, it corrects itself.

    • BW Not to mention all the attention Kim will receive after mourning his death. Hell she’s probably getting sympathy now from the public. There will be a ton of articles released now talking about the torment of living with someone who is mentally ill. The Koven will definitely come out on top here and Kanye will be either heavily medicated, locked away in the mental ward or dead. Mark my words.

      • Courtney can easily find a black man to marry but Scott isn’t poor

        Didn’t she date 50 a while back but it didn’t last long

      • Sign over all his money. You niggaz are crazy. Not heard of a Trust or a Will?? SMH

  6. the only one who got out good was their father and he died. The rest of the men are ending up CRAZY AS A LOON … INCLUDING BRUCE OR SHALL I SAY CATLYN… OK

      • On some real sh*t. Kris and her diaper booty daughter probably went behind his back to have him committed. I put nothing pass them witches.

        • You could have warned people to use flame retardant suits to protect us from the FLAMING black dude on the vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Is she? Russell is nice and convenient but she wanted 50, she wanted Future, Amare in NY and most of all she wants to be in an high profile relationship. It’s too bad a bland and possibly gay QB in Seattle is the only man she could get. Nah she isn’t laughing at anyone right now, she still crying over Future’s wack ass.

          • And you are retarded for believing the PR hype generated by Ciara regarding her so called dream marriage. Look at the evidence fool, Ciara was up the Kardashians asses for years then they realized she was useless and they dumped her. The only difference between her and them is she was forced to settle for a low profile simp when her checks stopped clearing. I say Russel is a simp based off the way he acted with his first wife and the way he’s acting now. That boy is weak and Ciara needed a steady check with some PR. Why else do you think she got pregnant so fast? Yeah she got what she wanted, except she wanted it with that piece of crap Future. I know Ciara is considered a success in the world of baby mamas but you guys need to find a new role model because she isn’t it.

  7. Jackie, somebody, anybody; please organize some kind of behind the scenes investigation on these women, specifically Kris Jenner. You know this witch has found the formula:

    Target rich black men. Must be black.
    Pretend you love and then marry them
    Make sure the prenup favors the Kardashian women
    Sabotage the relationship by ensuring things collapse
    Take over his finances
    Either divorce or he exits marriage some other way.

    We know Lamar was not supposed to survive the ranch.

    • Why should anyone look into this? These are grown ass men capable of making their own decisions. Stop coddling these men. They are not children.

      • Thank you…No he surely was not & they tried a second time in the hospital but that failed too & the staff started keeping a closer eye on him that included security in & outside his room.

    • The more volunteers the more power. You better hope that they don’t syphon his essence. All they need is one melaninated individual. Then they can really spread their evil agenda. The long game works out for those witches. Believe it or not.

  8. Yeah, they hurried up and ushered their puppet back to the hospital for “reprogramming”, because he was saying too much real shit. Will we be seeing a Britany Spears fiasco all over again? I have the feeling that many more celebrities are going to begin flipping the f*ck out within the coming weeks. As much as I want to get behind Kanye for this, I just can’t; based off what he did to his mother.

    • If this is true, then he needs to do the honorable thing and tell it ALL & either take himself out or let the others do it & not be a coward about it. He can be with his mother. You can’t serve 2 masters; you either gonna stay down w/the program or be free. JMO. You can’t outsmart these ppl because they are on some next shit that we have not been privy to as a whole. We are beginners & religion like Christianity, especially from the old school, has kept us docile & ignorant. We have our own power & have been conditioned not to use it, that it is devilment & what not.

      • True Christianity was not meant to make us docile and ignorant. It was ( and still is) taught by the backwards with their own man-made traditions added to take something powerful for the people change it’s effectiveness. Modern day Sadducees looking to empower themselves on the backs of the people. You are right, we do have our own power and we are conditioned not to use it. But consider this. Would you drink your own urine when your body needs water or would you go to a clean water source? Which one is better in the long run?

  9. I hope he don’t let those witches in his hospital room with cameras rolling. This is so wrong.

        • Actually it is different by which state that person main residence lives at currently. And all states do not recognized the same laws. So therefore U owe Sarah a huge apology. I live in South Carolina. I don’t know the laws for the State of California or Maine, or Alaska. I know about the ones in South Carolina. Now there are seven states that does recognized Alienation of Affection. I be damn I moved to those states!

    • You cannot enter a psychiatric ward with cameras PERIOD. It doesn’t matter WHO you are or who you know. I know what I am talking about. The facility would be sued out of business by the other patients an their families.

      • Makes sense. I hope they sneaked the iphone and captured some stranger patient and they sue her.

  10. Are the rating for their show that bad? Is it Kanye’s turn to bring in the show? Will they show this on their show? It’s a shame that I and probably half the world think everything they do is for their show!

    • Are the ratings for their show that bad? Is it Kanye’s turn to boost the ratings? It’s a shame that I and probably half the world think everything they do is for their show!

    • Yeah well there was Lamar’s stroke, the robbery, the youngest of the witches getting with her nieces mothers baby father and now this. Kris has been tried all kinds of story lines but people are still not turning in.
      Oh I forgot to add Bruce killing a woman then walking around in a dress and heels faking that transvestite life.

        • Nope.
          I just thought about something. Kanye hooked Bruce up with Annie Lebowitz and Vanity Fair. He is also the reason Kim and the two younger sisters have some relevancy in fashion and Hollywood. Now they treat him like dirt after he’s all used up. That’s cold. Damn!

          • You reading my mind. That was the plan the whole time. They needed him to get access to fashion and A listers and now that they have it, they need to discard him to move onto the next man. Most likely a billionaire for Kim. He is also broke. Whatever money he has is outweighed by his debts.

            • ^^^THIS ^^^
              He even has past unpaid debts from his previous fashion show
              (the one before that last fiasco) He has several investments, however, I hear those proceeds are already allocated to cover his current bills.?

            • No billionaire will ever claim Kim publicly. They’ll use her for the slut that she is behind closed doors but that’s all she will get.

              Some people are saying she’s planning on divorcing him but I don’t see where she will go with two kids and his debt.
              Also if they divorce, won’t she have to support him since she’s the breadwinner?

    • Yes the ratings are bad and not enough people cared about black China, rob and their new baby. Kanye going nuts and being committed is ratings gold for them.

      • Past sex tapes vs his mental illness & perceived danger posed to the kids. The judge will award her custody without hesitation. She appears sane at least.

    • She is never going to divorce him…like I said before the only way out is death.

  11. MK…time for a reprogramming. Either that or they’re going to kill Kanye and replace him with a clone.

      • Kanye used his concert platform to try to stop that from happening. He really wants to play this chess game and stay alive at this point. Hence the flattery to DT. You know those white boys have way more clout that J in the Cabal.

        • Well which is it?Is he broke and drained of his fortune by Kim, or is Kim “sitting on a goldmine?” It can’t be both.

          Most of the people here do not understand true mental illness. That’s understandable for those who have never dealt with it first hand as a health care professional.

          Kanye is not under some arcane hoodoo oath of the Illuminati, and no damn one is mining his melanin. He is a bipolar with schizoid characteristics just like Brittany Spears.

          But of course that’ s not scandalous or conspiratorial enough for the superstitious hysterics.

          • Oh shut up…first you were a college professor, now you know every thing about the mental health profession.

            There are delusional people who do not have mental illness in the world. Just a f*cked up disposition of themselves and life, through experience.

          • The goldmine comes after his demise. I’m curious to see what happens from this point going forward. I’m not predicting his death but I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened. Either that or bankruptcy.

            You can’t accurately diagnose his condition without seeing his medical records or interacting with him. I do however agree Kanye is mentally ill.
            There are some crazy theories floating around out there and I don’t understand why that bothers you. This is a gossip site, people are going to say off the wall stuff every now and then. Open your mind and let them believe what they want to believe. It doesn’t affect you one way or the other.

            • That man is not mentally ill…if going off on rants were considered true batshit crazy more than a few people on here would fit the bill.

              • I used to think he was playing crazy for publicity until now. Now I’m leaning the other way. Dealing with the guilt of his mothers death, the Carters and being married to Kim is enough to drive a person crazy.

            • I can guarantee every person on this planet has had or will have an emotional/ mental breakdown at some point…especially after a traumatic experience or stress induced…and that does not make every person who has one crazy.

            • Cheese: You are 100% right. It shouldn’t bother me what people are thinking. That is a “me” problem.

              I just cringe when I hear people exhibiting such primitive and superstitious logic/thinking in this day and time. I will try to keep my instincts to myself.

              • You cringe because you are a judgmental asshole.

                And no mentally ill does not=crazy, to be a pro ho your reading comp sucks.

            • You have a point Sarah. MJ was damn near cash broke when he died. Of course he was never broke broke because of the Beatles catalog, but he was definitely feeling a financial pinch.

              Kanye’s estate could get a bump from his death, but I doubt that it would be a permanent thing like Elvis Presley. I can’t see it pulling it hundreds of millions 30 years later.

            • Who gets the money Mike’s lawyers get his money and Mike’s white kids

              Mike never had biological kids

          • @anon02:15. Why can’t it be both. He does have money, millions, but he also has debts too, in millions. That’s how the two cancel out. He’s spending crazy money adding to the new house. It seems like there is a new building being added to the house every time I see a picture of it. He’s also adding a lake. There is no room for it but he’s adding one anyway.

            The goldmine will be his catalog and legacy, just like in MJ’s situation. Kanye has a form of mental illness. He is bipolar and highly narcissistic. There are plenty of people like him who are highly functional in society. The problem will arise in his personal relationship with the wife and that family when that situation finally comes to an end. The question is, will he walk away or rolled away to some slab.

            No one knows what is going on with him and we can only speculate, just like you.

            • If no one knows what is going on with him that would mean you do not know his mental health condition anymore than anyone else.

              Until he actually comes out as bipolar I wish you people would stop trying to diagnosis him.

  12. Damn, they’re going to try to reprogram him. I’m praying they don’t kill him. Such a friend, huh?…kanye

  13. Who’s this “they” that’s doing all the “reprogramming”? Is it the so-called ‘Illuminati”? How would any of you know any of this information if they are a so-called “secret society” Are you guys members? If so, why are you opening your mouth? Where’s all this info coming to you from?

    • This is a GOSSIP site. Not Wikipedia. It is what it is. You don’t like it- LEAVE.

    • I don’t know about the illuminati stuff but I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss those reprogramming theories. After all, we are all programmed to some extent. You ever start craving something after seeing an advertisement for it on television? It’s not that crazy to think he will be reprogrammed to continue to push someone else’s agenda.

      • True, we have all been programmed to an extent. This would explain why I used(and sometimes still do) crave going to disneyland after seeing their commercial advertisements.

    • As smart as you claim to be you really are not shit…trying to belittle people is a trash move.

    • No one can answer cuz dey don’t no. Juss sqwak lik dums. Same ppl here hav no life. Bet dey no wat Im sayn cuz I’m talkn juss lik dem. Talk lik dey no evrythng

        • # @702 – ? I don’t understand what your reply is saying.

          @the rest – what is wrong with you that you seem to be offended by questions. Is this not a “gossip site”, which “gossip” is spread sometimes spread by someone asking a question? Wanting to know as much about the situation as everyone else that’s already talking about it????

      • And your butt hurt about it, 702? Go back to sandra rose, self hating blog. You’re not going to shut us up, you butt hurt rat!

  14. Lol@Odom accidently surviving the ranch…..lollllllllllll
    Plus…..Chyna bet not sip on no tea given to her…….KRIS only want…….Dat New Beige Baby!!!!!

    • Social Media saved Lamar Odom, ironically. And something else that I won’t mention here. but if you notice, his close crew is dead.

      • I know this is off topic but Has anyone heard fo #pizzagate? Involving podesta.hillarys campaign manager is suspected to be involved in a child pedo ring involving a pizza shop owner in d.c.

        • I have. Some interesting foundings when dig deeper into it. Reddit is lit with pizza gate threads with ton of info on there.

          • Yes i have foubd various sites with very interesting proof to say the least and also you tube videos.this seems to involve hillary and obama aswell in some way.theres a youtube video were joe biddens caught on a hot mic telling a 13 year old girl that hes horney.you can find it if you search for it.and theres a pic of an asian child sitting on obamas lap and it looks super inappropriate. Its very sick shit.i had to bring it up to make sure im not going crazy.has anyone seen these video or pics?

            • They already had something like this back in the bush administration look up boys town scandal…this shit has been going on for a while.

              And a pic with a child on your lap…I am sure looks inappropriate for any adult. But I doubt obama is a pedo…biden maybe.

              • Talking about pedophilia on this level and related scandals results in “washed” comment sections, blogs sites, etc. This is a very dangerous topic cause what they allow to be publicly known is not the worst of what happens by far. And if you knew what really happens, you would vomit on yourself until you passed out

              • ^^Coming here to wipe a couple of comments is stupid…especially when all of this info is available on the web…you can only stifle the truth for so long.

              • Just speaking from observations. I have seen true statements made and then gone back later only to find them gone. On many, many sites. And there is more that is NOT available on the web and never will be. But you are right about the truth. Smetimes it does manage to come out, but at a price.

  15. You should hope that these white witches aren’t involved with this. Melanin is a super conductor. What can happen to him can happen to you whether you commit or not. Has nothing to do with an oath.

      • Stay away from people who are not shit…and that includes those other melanin-lated who talk shit about their own like nut case wired, who only f*cks with kakkra men.

      • @Jackie who-We can protect ourselves by making sure we don’t allow ourselves to be away for the True Creator Source energy. Stay in the blood of the Lamb, cause there is true power there. Don’t associate with people who walk in darkness. Avoid negative emotions, behaviors, and toxic people and places and try not to internalize negative things that you see or hear for too long. The key is not to let negative energy build up in your body because it won’t release just circle in your system slowly killing you and empowering someone else. This is why the Bible talks of the power of love, hope and peace and how believers should utilize it. There is more I can say, but that’s the basics.

        • Holy shit.

          Religion is the true poison in the black community. Worse than cocaine or heroin.

          • Didn’t say anything about “religion”. What I speak of goes far beyond man-made traditions and bastardized false systems meant to twist the truth and fool the masses. Take my advice or not… but I know for a fact that it is 100% effective. True is true, like the sun that rises and sets everyday.

          • These ppl are nuts. Don’t even try to reason with them. It is useless. Not all blacks believe all of this stuff. This is conjecture and fantasy for people who are mentally ill, black AND white.

            • You are far from sane. One false move and you would crumble like a ton of bricks.

        • Thank u for such a wonderful comment @09:24/onewhoknows
          It was very very powerful! 🙂

  16. K any talking crazy for years no psyche ward he disses jigga and Beyonce he goes up why would jay try to kill Kanye

    Kanye kisses his ass and kissed Beyonce ass and he gets this

    And why sellout snoop saying anything isn’t he cooking with Martha Stewart ok n their talk show I don’t trust nobody named snoop or Dogg ask pac

  17. he’s being reprogrammed remenberwhen keyshia cole dissed beyonce and she went to the hospital hospital is just another word for reprogramming

    • EVERYONE who comes for bey loses their career swiftly. Keyshia, Keri and now kanye. Not to mention the endless list of songwriters who dared challenge her and don’t get work anymore. Timbaland even apologized to her for working with Keri.

  18. Mental Health Issues are REAL and they affect each one of us differently. My prayers are with him and his family. While I am not a die hard Kanye fan (he does have some tracks that I love), He is a Father and Husband…above all he is HUMAN and not infallible. My prayers of peace and healing are with him.

      • STFU hateful bitch…your mammy must have been straight trash to raise utter garbage.

        • Lying azz BITCH, you replied below and you will continue to because you will say some more dumb shit I will check your bitch azz on, LOL!

      • And you and people like you are a huge part of the reason why our communities fail…you only have loyalty to yourself and those kakkra’s who f*ck and use you up…you support a race who do that to you and will never wife you because they only see you for what you are another piece of ass who hates herself so much she would sink to the depths of f*cking them to spite herself and her own…live with that truth bitch…

  19. Unfortunately for Kayne, he is worth more dead than alive and he is currently about $53 million in debt and he owes Jay Z many millions. I think we can all see how this unpleasant story ends.

  20. Dis nigga got “controlled craziness” .. give him some Tylenol. When Beanie Siegel or Wack100 start barking on him….he don’t say shit.
    However, he’ll bark on Beyoncé or Taylor Swift in a hot minute. That’s the work of a sissy. This is A PR stunt for a declining artist.

  21. Kanye marrying into the Kardashian family was career suicide. His legacy is nothing. Even though I feel he is or was overrated I believe he will be the next blood sacrifice.

    • Had Kris given up her blood sacrifice. Lamar was a failed attempt but that’s not fair and Kanye is not fair either. It must be someone meaningful to her like one of her kids. She said the one thing she hates most is losing some one. Kanye should not count. They should remind her of that.

  22. Beanie keeps getting locked up and when beanie went against jigga he always getting shot

    Camron went against jay til he was shot
    Jigga embarrassed prodigy
    We seen how hay did Dame he took his label, clothesline, have is fortune andvf*cked Rachel Roy Dame can’t do nothing but put a skirt on and be Jay’s fag on the side

    Jay f*cked over evert artist on def Jan when he was CEO of def Jan
    Now hay signed dmx this won’t end good either

    • biggest fear for dmx he will end up dead f*cking with jay z dmx is battling demons right now the problem with dmx he won’t get out of the spotlight and stay away from the industry like dave did but dave evetualiy solded out. dmx already solded out and regrets it badly

      • Jay and them want DMX as a sacrifice. That’s why they’re trying to phony kick it with him again. DMX better get his mind right..and he better get it right fast before he end up dying from an alleged overdose. He’s so easy to be framed right now.

        • Same reason why Dame dash signed odb and a Wu affiliate said Dame gonna pay for what he did

  23. Bey didn’t need Kanye to speak in her behalf he mad cause she won a award over his

    Kanye thought jay was his friend sorry Kanye u ain’t white enough to be jay or beys friend

    Kanye talking bout he’s god hes the best producer in hip hop he this he Walt Disney I’m married to kim k now look at you damn idiot

    All the black athletes can relax now look like Kim’s back on the market sorry Khloé your reign about to end

  24. I believe Kanye is mentally ill but this could be a publicity stunt like Kim’s fake robbery. Kanye has never been the same since his mother died whom he sacrificed.

    • Azalea is nowhere near Kanye level just an underground rapper with a skank attitude

        • We are talking about your trifling f*cking kakkra’s who call you nig prob while they f*cking you and choking you out, but have the nerve to talk about black women and men who actually support their own azz, lol.

  25. Hello DHSK: I’m from another from another forum and it seems our worlds have collided. We have spent countless hours reviewing the Wikileaks email dumps pertaining to the presidential election. During our research we have uncovered a coded language between senior members in the US govt. This a deep dark web that goes to the highest levels. We know J-y_Z is involved along with many others. J is bumping elbows with the top dogs and we all know this. What caught our attention was during Kanye’s San Jose show where he said to look into ‘p-zzagate’. We believe this was the catalyst for Kanye’s demise. Our goal is to make the African American community aware of what is going on. This is very real and we believe Kanye put his life in danger by speaking on it. Like Kanye said, research p-zzagate.

  26. That ? got his hands on a loudpack and them edomites but him back in his cage! Play time is over……oh yeah…them slave clothes played out already too.

  27. Buddy miles said he had to quit hanging around jimi hendrix because he said too many weird things was happening buddy said Jimis manager had him kidnapped

    And said his manager gave jimi some bad acid while performing

    Whites had a problem with jimi having a black band his friend Billy Cox was giving some bad acid two weeks before Hendrix died

    Then jimi hanging with his white fiance Monika ends up dead she was the last person to see jimi alive and the bitch told lies thirty years until she was killed

  28. Kanye West ain’t crazy, he’s just a lost soul that screwed up his life by marrying Kim. If he really thinks Insurance companies will save his black ass on this one…Keep Dreaming Kanye!

    • He’s mad with Zuckerberg because he won’t give him money to get out of debt. He WON’T give him money. He’s loco.

    • Finally someone posting on this site with a brain. All the ‘programming’ and secret society b.s. is cray. Bunch of nuts have taken over the comments on this site. Shit ain’t even funny to read anymore. Just shows all the dippity folks.

      • If you hate it so much why are you here?

        What would be nice is when dippity pricks like you leave.

        • What I see in your ‘words’ blah blah blah blah dippity blah blah blah. You make all the rules now?? eff off biatch

  29. Somebody said if Kurt Cobain would have gotten mental help he might till be here guess his label only cared about him making millions

    Kanye has a lot to lose over the years he put out albums and produced a lot of artists check his resume Kanye put in work and if he passes his legacy will be in the millions and Kim and jay will benefit

    Fool betcha he ain’t worshipping Beyonce now

  30. Buncha haters kanye will get well and live a long happy life with his queen kim no blkwoman can’t stop that lol

    • Kim loves him u dumb ho..u cant tell cuz you don’t know love.see the way she respects and looks at him something blkwomen never learn.that’s why you losing.
      Besides Kim is richer than kanye stop hating coon..go suck on a wm dick.

  31. You retarded hillbilly trailer park trash while people lurk the blogs to spew such ignorance Ive been stop calling some of you racist long time ago. It is what it is puuuuure ignorance you are just plane dumb ignorant idiot. Go educate yourself you mighty fool, I pity you Your words are not hateful sometime you sound downright hilarious actually smdh #DumbFool

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