Nick Gordon Broke and Strung Out on Drugs?


It looks like Nick Gordon’s inner demons are wrecking havoc on him. Just days after he was found liable in the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown and ordered to pay $36 million, reports are surfacing that Nick’s life is out of control.

According to Radar Online, Nick is back on drugs and dependent on his family members to support him and his habit.

Nick is so broke, his lawyer has already told BK’s estate not to hold their breath on receiving a penny from the $36 million settlement.

“Unfortunately, he’s doing absolutely nothing with his life right now.”

Nick is reportedly smoking marijuana daily and popping pills. He was also photographed outside his home in Florida carrying two baggies containing a white powdery substance.

Do you feel bad for him or is this his karma?


    • Not for a man, they took too much from the center and they’re too square., This young man is high, you can tell by his eyes., He doesn’t have any money to pay restitution to the Brown family.. Forgive me, but he will be dead soon of an overdose..Weed have never killed anyone, but these pill these kids do and other drugs is very addictive… The only thing I can say is he better try to help hisself and see thee for thyself..

      • I have empathy for others, I’m not the judge or jury.. He will get his justice from above.. He’s already half dead and it won’t be long before he overdose on something.. The media did Bobbi wrong, but it’s really what they do to most Black people.. You rarely hear about the good they do, but if they jaywalk, it will make the news.. JMO

  1. He’s actually handsome. The best I’ve ever seen him look. Still a creep tho.

  2. So he’s doing the same thing he has always been doing? Here let me help. This way to the bathtub Nick. ———>

  3. Nope! If anything, Nick is the fall guy. Why would Nick killed his golden goose? Think about it now. There is another post right here on HSK that I want U to read.

    The only person who wanted Whitney’s and Krissy’s money was Pat Houston. Oh and by the way, that Waffles guy as well. Notice right after Whitney’s death or Krissy’s death, U notice we haven’t heard from dude in a minute and so have Pat. Anyway, while Krissy was in hospice, Pat fool ass took some of Krissy’s money, went to that Jaguar dealership and brought her a brand new Jaguar on the day everybody was at Krissy’s bedside. Talk about a damn!

    Moving on. Remember the infamous pic of Whitney where she was in her casket? Ok, according to Ms. Carolyn Whigham of Whigham Funeral Home, only three people saw Whitney’s body. It was her, her daughter, and her partner. Mind U now, Ms. Carolyn have her own security now. How Nippy Inc security was in that funeral, stayed there with Whitney’s body was at. Now we all know Whitney’s nickname is Nappy, but who ran Nippy Inc? Pat Houston. She was the one who sent those bodyguards in that funeral. And it was then that photo of Whitney was taken. Boy oh boy, they tried to sue Ms. Carolyn and her funeral home! Again, Pat behind that as well.

    So again, why would Nick killed Krissy when he don’t have money to survive on? He was spending Krissy’s money. He just the fall guy, but that Pat? Hmmpf…..That’s who actually did it!

  4. This is what happens when you straighten out and shape your unruly hair brow like Serena. Looks real weird on him. Anyhoo, this one’s days are numbered. He too will find himself in a bathtub and not in a good way.

  5. This kid caught a poor rap and got blamed for BK’s death. While I am certain that he didn’t help the issue….but he’s not completely to blame. Everyone watched this young lady spiral out of control and they point the finger at him…when the finger should be pointed at everyone around her…including herself. Not saying he’s innocent in all of this but he don’t deserve this.

  6. It’s a shame because it wasn’t his fault.

    Hey, at least he’s not a CAC devil piece of shit with the IQ of a turd, albino skin, a hard ass face, and pubic hair growing out of his scalp.

  7. He was getting high with bk he was threatening her family taking pics with guns he’s not completely innocent

    He said he was gonna kill Pat not knowing Pat was planning BK’s demise

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