Jury Reaches Verdict in The Game’s Sexual Assault Lawsuit


A sexual assault lawsuit against The Game is finally coming to an end.

The rapper was sued by Priscilla Rainey, a former contestant on his VH1 reality TV show “She’s Got Game.”

In the lawsuit filed back in August 2015, Priscilla claimed during filming that Game was “out of control” while on drugs and alcohol, and he “forcefully” reached under her dress and grabbed her “bare vagina and buttocks”.

The courtroom got heated when Game’s lawyers accused Priscilla of spending time in a mental institution and claiming she was a former prostitute. But in the end, he was found liable by the jury for damages after 4 days of testimony.

Priscilla is asking for $10 million in damages, but a separate court hearing will determine how much she’s awarded.

Do you think she should be given the full $10 million?


  1. I think she should get something but not 10 million because these celebrities are sick in the head.

  2. These rappers think they are above the law.. she doesn’t deserve 10 million, but the best way to hurt someone wealthy is in the pocket.. Whatever the jury awards, that’s what he has to pay..
    On another note, these women going on these shows should know these men are just dogs..
    Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame.. SMH

  3. That is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen pictured on this blog.

    She could grab a major baller IF she isn’t a complete idiot. But she probably hurt her image by suing another celeb. That could put off any future tricks.

          • More like a man…too much f*cking makeup, that is why you men believe the visual lies of trannies…smfh.

          • And who looks better…the picture of Chili and Keisha knight on this page alone look 100 times better than this skamp, but she prob has more $$$ than them now thanks to the game and her boris pay-offs.

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  5. Why these women are down with wearing a face full of making I will never understand…she looks like a trans trying to hard.

  6. She should get 10 million and perhaps that will teach him and other BAN’s to re-evaluate their out of control behavior and their mistreatment of women.

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