Doctors Refuse to Release Kanye from Hospital


It looks like Kanye is right where he needs to be: up in the hospital recovering from his mental breakdown.

Yeezy was admitted to UCAL Medical Center on November 21, and he was hoping he would get discharged today, but that’s not about to happen.

According to sources, Kanye’s personal doctor was going to take charge of his mental health upon his release, but the rapper is not stable enough to leave the medical facility.

He has been struggling with extreme paranoia, and at one point he wouldn’t even let doctors touch him.

“The doctors said he’s in no shape to leave yet. Kim argued he could recover at home, but the doctors just don’t think he is ready. He still needs more time.”

LOL at Kim trying to get this crazy man to go home. Is she stupid?


    • Kim wants him at home so he can meet with a nasty fatal accident. I bet she has managed to get him to sign all of his future earnings over to her (or Kris). Don’t forget, he’s worth more dead than alive.

      • Yes. People are getting all upset because some are vocalizing the same thing. That man is done and he knows it. It’s just a matter of time and method in how he checks out.

        • If he is part of the cabal, he will come out of the hospital ASAP. This was a warning. They know he cares about Kim and his kids. The PTB are probably leveraging his family’s safety with his cooperation. I think the first warning was the KK robbery. They want him to do something.

          • By showing him that they can get to Kim and his kids and make him look like he is crazy if he reveals trade secrets ( like what goes on behind the scenes to make the music business a business ,other secrets, and revealing secrets of Italian Pie chain link portal scandal, etc) they can keep him under control. Which he does more and more of every year.. I feel like on the anniversary of his mom’s death, he loses it a little and each time he doesn’t give a shit about what he says because of the guilt.

  1. All you idiots need to protest if they lock up koonye without actually putting him in jail all you peoplr who agree with societies wishes in forcing everyone into a bubble with zero indivudially except with what you wear forcing people to allow you to touch them.. your all going to hell acceping soceties wishes to kill indivudial peoples freedoms and then agreeing with it.. protest this is f*cked as if someone needs to allow somone to touch them when there forcing them to stay somewhere against there will not even in JAIL WTF

    • No one is wanting Kanye dead but the people he has surrendered his soul to. What can we do? This is what he wanted. His father (and what state of mind is he in) can petition and ombudsman from the state to check in on Ye, appoint him to have oversight of his life but the law says Kim does. There is nothing anyone can do to break that legal bond.

      The only thing we can do is remind theme are watching. If something happens to him, she needs to know we will point fingers at her for ever. Those kids will read all about it some day. The family will go down but not by our doing.

    • You have got to be a mammy or some coddle fatherless male why the hell would anybody protest for Kanye West’s sellout ass you must be out of your mind.

  2. Hes not even in jail and they are forcing a jailing and talking as if hes mentally unstable for not ALLOWING these people to touch him.. wtf is wrong with you idiots if society does this to kanyr wtf do you think they can do with our broke asses.

    Stop allowing this is why police believe they can kill and the judges uphold it becuz society as a whole is losing all resect and sight if its not in the STATES WISHES. people this is actually really big deal but for all the real reasons .

    Mkultra is showing you idiots information that pushes the agenda and this is it

  3. Pushing agenda forcing people to accept things states wish.. if everyone stopped and spoke against licensed driving it wouod change. Jus like abortion laws or what have you but were literally we all accept the collective state sheeple mentallity and keep allowing and believing the mkultra that we have to contract to register ad liscense drive and allow police abuse to search and stop us. All we need to do is chage our minds as society and we will make a real change

    • Bullshit. Kanye is in the order. Probably eight took the old. Kanye sold his soul to the devil. Kanye sacrificed his mother. Stop the caping of black males.

  4. Ten rich people create the laws and force police to follow.and everyone accepts it, the ten rich people are hilary clinton and all the gov and state officials , why do they make the laws the way they do to stay in charge , we never attempt to make a change if we did persons would be driving by the hundreds without plates and not being harrassed but the 100 cops in the city. Its all based on persons agreeing and mkultra…

    Idc what anyone says your guys talk celebrities and illuminati i bring real shit that make us happy in life and free from 9-5 shoppers drug mart slavery jobs that do nothing for the world except consume

  5. either they are re programming or jay z gonna kill any one that does business with jay z ends up dead kayne is in the same situation that his mother was in kayne had his mother killed

  6. kanye a.lready does drugs whats a few legal drugs gonna do.

    only way out of a psycheward is cooperating with those folks tell them your problems, take a few pills, then youre out and he can get the dope out his system.

  7. Wow! Doctors have AUTHORITY over Kanye? This is VERY disturbing and unsettling. He needs his BLACK family around him.

    • Of course they do. If he is a threat to harm himself or others, they aren’t going to just turn him loose on the street.
      Kanye’s Black family is the reason why he was so messed up in the first place. He chose the people he wanted to be with after witnessing what they did to Lamar when they were done with him and the dummy still became a Kardashian. Now there are only two ways out and I don’t see PMK letting Kanye leave on his own or with what’s left of his dignity in tact. Too bad for him but he got exactly what he asked for.

      • What you don’t understand is that this sets a precedent. Last I heard, you should always be able to discharge yourself from a hospital whether the doctors want you to go or not unless you are on a pych hold. All Kanye has to do is sign a document that says that he is leaving the hospital against medical advice. It is false imprisonment if they let you stay against your will for treatment. I have heard of cases like this in other hospitals doing the same thing to other patients and it is illegal and hospital was promptly sued. Something smells fishy here.

        • That’s true in the regular hospital but remember he was admitted into the mental ward, it’s a whole different ball game there. And yes there are all kinds of fishy things that go on in mental health facilities. Also those stories of Kim being by his side are false. You can visit but you can stay by a persons bedside day and night in the mental ward.

          • I meant to type “you CAN visit but you CAN’T stay by a persons bedside day and night in the mental ward.”

            • He was not admitted into a mental ward. He was admitted into a regular hospital for sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

              • I read he was admitted under an involuntary 5150 hold last week. I don’t know how they do it in L.A but here in MD, they keep their psych patients segregated on a secured level in the hospital’s psych ward. Did they transfer him out of the psych unit?
                If that’s the case he should be able to leave whenever he wants.

              • @say cheese-He was not admitted under a 5150. He will be out by the end of the week. It is extremely hard for them to keep you committed unless you are doing some for real looney shit. The 5150 would only be for 72 hours. If they kept him longer it, Kanye or a next a kin would have to agree to it. And even that is really hard to do as a next of kin. That is why we have so many mentally ill on the streets.

    • What family. His father left long ago and Kanye himself disavowed his black family as required by the K crew. They are in the blind about what is going on with him. It’s sad really. What can anyone do. Whitney and Bobbi K had things happening to them behind the scenes, so did Michael. We can’t see what is happening them. They will amp him up on antipsychotic drugs. What can anyone do. The wife is totally useless. She herself is a tool for tptb. Kanye is lost and has been for sometime.

      • They will definitely keep him doped up on a nice little cocktail of anti psychotic meds that will turn him into a zombie. Problem with that is Kanye makes money from playing the so called crazy creative genius.
        He’ll be like Britney now, just going through the motions like a lobotomy patient. Difference is he won’t be getting any multi-million dollar Vegas deals like Spears. It will be interesting to see what Kim does with him then.
        I should feel sorry for him but I can’t.

  8. Jay isn’t going to do anything, he has his own problems with Prince’s estate suing him, Tidal failing and the most recent labor violation lawsuits. He’s probably enjoying this diversion.
    But I’m curious to see where the Kardashians are going to go with this because they lose money if he “commits suicide” and they lose money if he gets out and starts up again. They may be stuck with that fool which suits them right. LOL!

    • The k crew knows we are watching, we will remind the kids later on what monsters the family became. They too are skating on thin ice. Their show has come to a screeching end. No one cares about them anymore, she is not posing and spilling her boobs on the red carpet. She do rather be in Paris sitting front row for the lingerie show.

  9. These honkies just mad cause kanye insulted their white hope Taylor swift..they been gunning for kanye for repeated attacks on Taylor ho swift.
    how dear he diss their sweet innocent queen.Kim is sorta ethnic white and not Anglo white like Taylor y’all better get that.

    • Actually, Kim is true whyte from the Caucasus mountain area. Can’t get whyter than that.

        • You might have point, Uncle truth. Some of those gypsies may come for the Ishmael tribe. You also may have a point about Taylor Swift. That lesbian white witch has a lot of power in the cabal…..

  10. Kanye squealed on his one time best friends Jay and Bey so Kris must just be beside herself with worry that he might start squealing on that ‘Satanic family of sex workers’. Imagine how much filth he has on them. In his current unstable state anything’s possible. Best to keep him heavily sedated until they can figure out just what to do with him. I don’t think the future is looking too bright though.

    • IKR. It’s the truth. People think we are dissing Kanye. No, just telling it like it is. That family is plain evil. Imagine if he starts ranting on her church and tax schemes.

      • I was thinking more about how they dress North up as a little prostitot … Why do they do that? …?

          • Heavens to Betsy, that is f*cked up and sad. I hope that is not the case. Usually if they are a legacy they are not prone to that shit.

  11. Looks like reprogramming isn’t going as well as they planned. This is another reason why I say f*ck having anything to do with the industry. You are basically a slave to them, and they really do control every facet of your life. This shit is becoming so much more blatant, that it’s sickening. It’s now more apparent than ever that handlers exist in the industry, and that a lot of celebrities underneath it all are really living in fear. If you step even the slightest bit out of line, you will be dealt with harshly. It’s no longer conspiracy theory, but “conspiracy fact.”

  12. To add- if I were Kanye, I would only get in line and comply for one reason, and one reason only-for the sake of my children. But even moreso, for the sake of my children because I should anything happen to me, I would NOT under any circumstances want my daughter and son to be raised solely under the care of Kim, and her Sick satanic family.

    • Those kids were screwed the moment the doctor fertilized her silicone egg with Kanye’s swimmer. North is already turning into one of them. There is something about the way Kim parades her around in skimpy bikini’s and adult outfits that makes me uncomfortable. North will fall in line soon enough just like Kylie. Saint is the only one I think that has the best chance of getting away.

      • Cheese!!You are typing the really shit here I’ve been reading everything you say and I’m nodding my head and agree with you ???

  13. Kanye is fool! He married a woman who spreaded her legs around town. That family are gonna mess him up badly, Kim wants the fame and attention
    She doesn’t love him, so loves his fame and his famous friends. That family are going to throw him away like some crap off the floor!

  14. SEE !!!!!!! TOLD YA!!!!! WE HAVE ALL SAID IT! ANOTHER ONE HAS BIT THE DUST! But we keep telling them to leave these nasty edomites alone! There is nothing but SNARES AND TRAPS! They are not for YOU! WHEN ON EARTH WILL YA’LL LEARN?

  15. No. Cause the more people that are woke the more money they lose. That is why they won’t straight up kill him cause they know we will be watching and will not pay the support them with the viewership that gets the advertising dollars. not will we buy the music from that tainted catalog. That, in part, saved Lamar. But then again I don’t think that the Kardashian’s are involved completely cause I think Kim actually caught feeling for this fool cause of the kids and the history. Otherwise he would already be dead or in jail.

    • Listen black people didn’t do shit about George Zimmerman black people aren’t going to do shit about what’s going on with Kanye understand there is no black unity all right and for the black women this isn’t our fight nor our concern.

    • Exactly, but I don’t think they’ll just up and kill kanye right away, even if he does get out of line again. There’s no one to currently replace him, and if they did off him, it would be way too obvious.

  16. All the Black women mammying for Kanye sit down and take care of your out of wedlocks or lose the damn weight! Kanye don’t give a shit about black women OK.

  17. The scariest thing about this whole situation is that if his doctors and handlers around him have the ability to deny his access to his freedom, and do other unethical shit, what does that say for the rest of us; should we get out of line?

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