Tyga Sued Over Repo’d Ferrari

tyga sued repod ferrari

It looks like Tyga is content with taking L’s all years long.

Even though his Ferrari was repo’d outside of a Bentley car dealership, Tyga’s still on the hook for the payments.

According to sources, a guy named Alex Benedict is going after the rapper for failing to make lease payments on a on the whip. In the court docs, Alex claims he and Tyga agreed on a deal back in May, but the rapper didn’t cough up the lease payments, so he had the car repo’d twice.

Benedict is suing for $150k in damages.



  1. OMG…?
    This was a car Alex leased/auto share club rented in his company name & “subleased” it to Tyga which is NOT allowed & considered a big no-no but…okay WTF-ever! Long story made short…as always Tyga didn’t pay as agreed. There’s nothing new here. NEXXXTTTTT!!!!?????

  2. I don’t care how much those cars cost, they’re fug af. It’s like someone smashed a nice car, and glossed the mess out of it. Wack. It’s more tacky and greasy than the Italians who make it.

    • Nice comment.

      Italians are no greasier than anyone else. Have you ever been to Italy? Most Italians look just like the French and English.

      You may be thinking of Sicilians who are the n words of Italy having N. African DNA.

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