T.I. & Mayweather Instagram Beefin Over Tiny!


After video was revealed of Tiny grinding up on Floyd Mayweather, T.I. addressed the beef by posting a video of Kevin Hart roasting another comedian with the line, “Get your Mayweather father face up azz outta here.”

When Mayweather saw the video, he responded with the only way he knows how: by flossin’ is money.

Peep the video and Floyd’s response:




  1. Mayweather should have said: Y’all call them wives, I call them hoes.

  2. People could make all the jokes they want but at the end of the day the guy with the hundred million in his pocket is the winner no matter what anyone says (plus he took ti’s ho)

    • That nig will not have a legacy to leave anyone…the way he wastes money is a f*cking shame.

      And no sane man wants tiny as a keeper…

    • Floyd told it right. So, let folks say what they will…meanwhile, he’s busy traveling the ? world with his children, friends & family enjoying his retirement.

      The Money Team all the way $$$

  3. It’s sad they have children that are almost grown and they are on Instagram acting stupid and childish af. I’m honestly starting to hate social media brings out some of the worst in people

    • It is great because you get to see who people really are and I am all about the truth.

  4. tip holding on because he don’t wanna pay her half plus child support.

    tiny feels like she deserve half with all the chit he put her through.

  5. aint that some mess I thought he still payrollin lisaraye mccoy, he paying that house note at least

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