Brandi B And Max Are Broke After Quitting Love And Hip Hop?

According to Moniece, Brandi and Max are so broke that Moniece’s family had to send them $200.

Moniece also claims Brandi and Max are no longer in Los Angeles and now reside in South Carolina.

The truth is most all these reality TV fools are broke and stunt’in for the cameras. The only real winners of reality TV is the network, the producers and the blogs ?….

LHHLA Brandi B Max Broke


  1. It’s sad when people try to live that champagne lifestyle on a pork n beans budget!

  2. They probably did have a little something but when you spend it on things you don’t need that’s what happens.

  3. Miniver should not post stuff like this. It can come back full circle to her. I don’t believe this story they are connected to too many celebs to be begging miniver family for 200. Where’s Tiny, Ray J? I doubt this is really the truth

  4. I agree with above…I never agree with broadcasting someone’s ruff times. They’re plenty to go round when what comes around goes around. If she Brandi is pregnant then there are innocent babies involved and who has the hard heart to be glad the baby has a mommy whose sad and possibly struggling..Hard times don’t last forever just like what goes up does can and may come back down to earth.

  5. Meanwhile those videos with the collage DONT CLICK that shit damn near shut my Apple Down!!!! We all know Apple products have a virus guard but WTF if I were at home on my Lil old HP desk shit would have a cold. The FLU AND NEW-mone-Ya…however ya spell that shit my computer would’ve crashed.. My Apple blacked allll the way the fuck out.. I had to power this bitch down just to clear the warning….so don’t be clicking everything everywhere up on here..I’m just saying yawl.???????✨

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