Did Kandi & Todd Try and Drug Phaedra Parks With Intent of Sex?

The Bravo Gods blessed viewers with an epic part three of The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion Sunday night.

As RHOA fans know, this season has been messy times 10 and Sunday night’s explosive revelation that Porsha Williams threw Phaedra Parks, under the bus — she was the one who told her that Kandi Burruss and husband Todd Tucker intended to drug Porsha and take advantage of her sexually.

But before that juicy reveal went down — Phaedra was confronted with repeating threesome rumors involving Kandi,
Todd and their pal, Shamea Morton. Phaedra said the rumors were out there (on the streets) but Kandi denied ever hearing the gossip.

As it turns out, AllAboutTheTea.com reported the threesome news back in 2015 — cosigning that the rumors have existed for quite some time.

After fans tweeted Kandi, Phaedra and Porsha a link to
our 2015 article — Kandi took to Twitter to clarify she never repeated blog rumors about her co-stars, “To be clear. I didn’t say what the streets were saying about them or blog rumors. I said what I knew from my own talks & experience with them.”

Both Kandi and Shamea deny Phaedra‘s accusations. Nevertheless, the drugging and rape revelation ended the evening in total outrage! Stay tuned for the reunion’s conclusion next week  — when total chaos breaks out on the reunion stage.


  1. Like I said they are all swingers whores etc. There are all in bed with each other.

    • They want to make Phaedra look like a liar… but Kandi has a reputation in the ATL…so does Shamea. The streets talk truth. Their are others in the industry that know the truth about “bedroomKandi.” Just ask Block and them. And Tiny and them.

  2. I heard about the Kandi and Shamea rumors a long time ago too, but the way Kandi got so hyped up and upset about it, I have to side with her. If she was eating the box she would’ve admitted it. She has no shame in her game.

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