Evelyn Lozada Snitches to TMZ About Jackie Christie

Basketball Wives is currently riding the wave of having its highest ratings in the history of the franchise with its sixth season, and now that news of Jennifer Williams returning to heat up the tail-end of the season is starting to make its rounds.

Watch as Evelyn Lozada hits TMZ to rave over the shows success while venting over her issues with Jennifer and Jackie Christie.


  1. Ugh, this evil, nasty, golddigging b*tch destroyed ochocinco’s career. She knows she put her hands on him first and that’s why he snapped out. I never heard of him having a history of putting his hands on females. But black males come running….

  2. This old trick still stopping Jennifer from getting her money.. Jen just told her the truth, but women hold grudges with each other over petty shit… She’s still engaged and not married and probably won’t get married.. Why are you having children for this man..

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