Drake’s Plus Size Fetish Exposed


Drake Christine RawlingsHSK

Exclusive – Drake was busted trolling Atlanta plus size Instagram model, Christine Rawlings.

A source says Drake doesn’t write back to Rawlings when she sends him pictures, but he let’s her know she has his undivided attention. Know how? By letting her know he likes her photos and videos.

The source went on to say that Drake has 6 million followers on Instagram but the Pound Cake rapper finds the time to view Christine’s pictures between 1 and 2 AM.



Dig the drop:

“Drake views Christine’s booty clapping and squirting videos. Dude has a fetish for plus size girls.”




  1. That close up photo scared the shit outta me. No gawd, hunty, noooooo. That said , Drake must be a true bi sexual. He stays sweatin bitches, but I’m sure he’s had to bend over for Birdman et al. Smdh.

    • yea the closeup made me jump alittle, but hey, it giggles & thats enough for these niggaz

      • From Rihanna to the stripper Maleeah?? , Jhonni Blaze, to this instagram chick man i cannot. This man has gots to be have some type of STD. Parraphrasing but He reminds me of how I AM THAT I AM turned king nebuchanezzar into a man who would eat the dirt off the ground because I AM THAT I AM cursed him to believe that the dirt was food and wall were people. Complete insainity. Drake couls be doing so much more with himself than club hopping abd coochy chasing.

  2. Wow. The thirst in that THOT is strong.

    But who cares if Drake likes fluffy women? There ain’t nothing wrong with variety. It’s the spice of life!

    • Naww…that ass is not fake. Imma help U out. U see that high arch above her hip? And look how close her butt cheeks is? That’s real. My butt shape similar to that and that arch is nothing to back lay with! LOL!

      • Well Damn Back In The Damn It Was All About The Boobs Now Is All About The Butt

      • DR1,

        Is that not a dude or is that really a woman with a low hair cut?

        You know I’m slow & have to ask!

  3. That is no model. Someone posting pics in IG and professionly modeling are two different things. Stop it

  4. Thank you

    It’s becoming obvious because I’m not buying Drake being into women

      • Second that. . That is deff a man.. from the back looks like a woman but from the face view that is a man playing dress up.and a thirsty one at that. .u ain’t foolin no one..

  5. Since when does liking a picture on IG mean that you checkin for someone? If I like a picture of a cat, does that mean I want to f*ck it!? GTFOH!

    • Lol. I like pics of cupcakes, candy, Pocky and sneakers. That’s about all IG is good for.

    • Kudos, Chris! I thought she was pretty, too. She is “plus sized,” but her skin isn’t sagging. The up close photo is probably a less than stellar freeze frame. The people calling her ugly are probably a single rung above her, if that.

  6. Most of these coveted video ho’s look plus size. Maliah and that chick that was joe buddens girlfriend( Tahiry) in Lhhny , both look fat. So what? He like females with some meat on their bones.

  7. He like them ugly as f*ck too. Damn homie Jhonnie FUGLY and as far as ole’ girl I seen better head on dicks.

  8. You make me sick. You hate gay anything cool. But now plus size women should kill themselves so no man can pervert himself by liking them? You have NO idea of why someone is heavy or fat. I had cancer. I had steroids and they removed my breasts. I guess I’m not a real woman now and any guy who would love me is a freaky pervert.

    • May God continue to keep and bless u 🙂
      And Thank God for u overcoming 🙂

    • thats his social media management guy looking at her posts… alot of celebs have people who maintain their accounts as well…but…yeah its true, drake does have a fetish for thick strippers, especially from Houston…but not this chick.

  9. Ladies be careful! Drake is a walking std who doesn’t like to use condoms. Another stripper by the name of ShayG claims Drake threatened her as well. Jhonni Blaze filed a police report on him a few days ago.

  10. Drake does have an std because there’s a picture of him leaving a clinic. Whether he got it from Rihanna or that smelly bum The Weekend we will never know but dude has something. He could get sued for being sloppy and its already known he doesn’t use protection.

  11. I’m so mad I wrote a damn speech and this page refresh uuugh dammit o well today I’m 38 yay lol happy birthday to me I’ll try again later I’m mad

  12. Historical Context… For most of human history, plush women have been the standard of beauty. A healthy woman with meat on her bones is all-around just better and sexier… Amen Amen Amen!!!

    • Rubinesque women were the standard of beauty hundreds of years ago. Considering the average American woman is a size 14, I will have to say they still are. You better tell ’em, Ty!

        • All my homeboys noticed that growing up, the big girls are beautiful above the shoulders as well… This is True!

      • The same rules apply, most women are not pencil-thin. On average, ya’ll carry more body fat than us, Why? Childbirth is the main reason thinness is not conducive to safely birthing healthy babies… This is Science… Not An Opinion! Thanks Sis!

  13. Drake would f*ck anything and everything even if its an animal and he would pay cash too LOL and we all know he loves his temporary beards


  15. Thanks for the bday shout 17:09 and this is crazy who determines wat is fat or plus true she is not attractive at all but she is average to me I am 5ft 160 now by that alone I would be plus but I am not at all I teach aerobics wit two kids so wat is wrong with him wanting someone who is not emaciated

    • cornbreadfedbaby my ex wife if f*cking gorgeous. f*ck you gay ass short nigga. if I was there I wld tower over your short ass. I’m 6’5 with a size 13 foot and know my ex-wife is thick and sexy. go kill urself with a butter knife. asshole. check out her instagram page crawlinstv then talk shit. stupid bitch nigga!

  16. I don’t believe for one second that Aubrey likes any girls let alone a plus size basic looking chic gtfohwtbs #negative #nothappening #itsrainingmenz

  17. I met drake when I was like 14 he was about 17 at that time I was big for my age and he honestly was talking to me and flirty I honestly couldn’t believe it so might be some truth to this

  18. This is disappointing and is my new inspiration for maintaining cardio routine. I was expecting a Kai Morae, Anansa Sims, Jordan Tefay “ish” zaftig diva. Does she have a bruise on her ass? She needs a loofah and has that clogged pore chicken skin. I guess blue collar men and entry level professionals need arm candy as well.

    • You’re gay…lol stop pree-tending your ass understands the attraction to fine ass juicy women…lol! It irritates me b/c yall come out of closet when it’s convenient…and then pretend when ya wanna hate.

  19. Now I see why you are an ex. U have an anger problem lol second I was defending her size asshole I don’t have to like her man ass face wat I was stating since u didn’t comprehend is wat is wrong with Drake liking a plus size woman bcuz frankly that isn’t fat and I am a 5ft woman ha wit an 8 size shoe so u would tower over me and a revolver so take that however you please I am not gay my sister is though thanks for asking though douche thanks for the bday shout out joi

    • Sarah Baartman’s posterior was MUCH larger, according to the images presented of her. Some women consider a comparison to Ms. Baartman as a compliment.

  20. Drake is another hollywired prostitute it just so happens he’s a man and it’s o.k. for him to f*ck ANYBODY! YES ANYBODY! Him and Rihanna WILL FUCK ANYBODY! Drake is a whore, a male whore all u ever read about wit his used up ass is he slept with this person then this person is that all his nasty bitch ass do is f*ck? That is one nasty ass cat, he’s a whore,he don’t get the back lash of his loose whoring lifestyle because he’s a man, let him had been a woman thatwwould be front page news. That double standard shit, fact is anyone who sleeps with anything and drake sleeps wit anything anybody anytime, is a whore man or woman, I’m shocked he don’t have anything. Every report about him it’s about some broad scream’en she pregnant or he did sum to one of’em. Drake ain’t nothen but a whore puppet for them people him and the other whore’s. Nasty as f*ck all of’em nasty as hell.

    • Truth!!!!

      He will never get called out, but there are crazy receipts he has slept with plenty. A woman doesn’t have to have slept with many dudes, and can STILL be labelled a whore and be dragged for it.

  21. Also Drake wanted to be ‘Busted’ liking this lady’s videos and pics. You think he couldn’t just have a secret instagram account do hit up and do stuff he doesnt want people to see? Of course. Regular people stay having multiple accounts. Drake wants to be talked about. He knows his obsessed ass fan girl will notice and talk about him liking pictures of these women. He knows the blogs are watching. Drake don’t care that y’all will think he has a fetish for stripper, or bigger women. All he cares about is y’all thinking he’s a red hot blooded STRAIGHT male.

    Last thing he wants is y’all looking into his close relationship with his ‘best friend’ Chubbs. Lol.

  22. That’s one of the fattest trannies I’ve ever seen in my life!! I thought that they were supposed to be obsessed with being in shape??

  23. This is an insult & sad…the AVERAGE normal woman is this size…so what is ‘fetish’ about normal?? If anything, those seeking below a size 12-14 are the minority in regards to all men except whites (and lol that is narrowing down too). So Hellywood…stop the propaganda madness. Is this written by Hellywood (full of real woman haters like pedophiles, and non-opposite sex attraction folk anyhow)

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