Is O.J. Simpson Dying From AIDS?


Rumor has it, O.J. Simpson contracted HIV from Jazmena Jameson, who claims to be the former NFL legends jailhouse girlfriend.

Jazmena Jameson is saying, “The Juice” is near death. Know why? Because the transgender claims she might have given O.J. Simpson AIDS.

Here’s what National Enquirer published:

“The disgraced NFL great is convinced he contracted a deadly blood disease
behind bars. Simpson believes he’s now been given a death sentence he’ll never escape.”

Here’s what O.J. reportedly told a friend:

“I feel the end is coming. But i don’t want to die in prison like common scum.”


    • O wow my heart is sadden. If you would have just remembered that you are African American and stayed in yo place. Instead you had such a false sense of reality. When Johnny died you should have chilled.

      • Dam Juice.

        I am Old enuff to member when Juice Ran Thru da Airport in dem Commercials.

        Can’t run from da Monster, Juice.

      • WTH? Stay in his place……..thats some “Slave Mentality”
        How about if, he would have not shown up to het “his stuff”, tryin to be gangsta.
        marrying a skeezer, is always a bad idea.

      • Um…”Slave Mentality” goes both ways. #1 is basically saying that as a minority, you REALLY can’t afford to do crime & expect to get away twice. Then you come along & disrespect the victim of a horrible atrocity and even call her names b/c she was beautiful and white (i.e. not you??) Not sure whom is lol-sad more the ‘slave’ on this mental plantation. By the way, I’m a Afro American woman in case anyone tries the ‘race’ card in response to my reply…b/c I refused to support trash mentality.





    • Dam, da MFer got away wit Murder, and instead of taking his Ass 2 Barbados, or somewhere outta da Country, HAD 2 FLAUNT DA SHIT BY GOING OUT 2 RESTAURANTS WIT MULTIPLE WITE GIRLZ ON HIS ARM.


      • Bullshit. OJ didn’t murder Nicole. Robert Blake murdered Bonnie Lee Bakely and walked. He should take his ass to Belize with the McAfee mf and never return. OJ is in jail for taking back personal possessions that were stolen from him. Injustice is real.

          • Phil Spector is in jail for killing Lana Clarkson. Robert Blake was found not guilty. Ronnie Spector is a woman aka Phil’s ex-wife. Talk about needing to get your story straight.

            • yawn…the *point* is that 1 ‘white’ man is in jail for murdering his wife whom is famous with money. Thus…your theory crashes.

    • I know it’s possible but who the f*ck gains weight with that Gangsta STD!?!?!

      • Depends on the meds he’s on. Howard Rollins gained a lot of weight to when he got sick. (loved that man btw, great actor and I cried when I heard about his passing.)

      • Magic Johnson. Looks as he has battled HIV one pastry at a time since I was in grade school.



      • I noticed the same thing…
        He must have one hell if a great diet & meds in prison while being “deathly ill from being infectected with such a harsh disease.” His skin looks amazingly clear & well kept in spite of his eyes being so red. Not exactly traits we see & hear about HIV carriers…especially in prison.

        • This is the same reason that I don’t think Magic had or ever had HIV. He des not have a trac of it in his blood. No one In His family has/ had it, Cookie never had it. But isn’t it funny that he announced he had HIV 23 years ago, but his son, Or what ever they calling EJ theses days, is only 21? Come on now, everyone acts like this is normal, Nobody questions this.

          • I thought Magic and Loughanis had that gene that Paul Michael Glaser and his son have that is resistant to HIV, which is why they have stayed around so long.

            • They are saying that there is not a trace in his system. But even if he does have such a gene, Its not likely that his wife as it too. And he would have given that shit to his wife or somebody considering the number of women/people he was sleeping with. Do you know what kind of payday that would be for some opportunist. Yet no oe has said anything. Look at the jailhouse cissy that ran its mouth about OJ, and OJ has nothing to work with at this point.

    • No, he got AIDS from a black trans. TMZ has her/him story on video, of course.

      • Girl, please,

        Who are you talking about, Magic, Loughanis or Paul Michael Glaser???

  2. Oh well what’s next for OJ they couldn’t get him for murder, but his ass is serving time like he murdered someone. Gotcha
    He’s in jail for some BS theif n attempted murder.

    • So what was up with the wild bronco chase and his suicidal state at the time? Then again if she was truly his blood sacrafice , he really didn’t gain any Hollywood benefits from it.

  3. Yo. I am sooo sick of all these hoes coming out of the dark with this bull man. I mean for most of these men it seems that they want men want transexual men women but bisexual women. Look i don ‘t have nothing agaonst Gay people at all. But O.J. is too damn old for this follishnesh. This tran is trying to expose him by selling her story to the enquire( why). I think folks stopped caring about oj after the book IF I DID IT, which he aint seeing not one penny for.

      • He spent that loot. He don’t have shit to leave his kids because he had to sacrifice his money to stay in these streets. Remember the 911 call from daughter Sydney ,as an adult, where she told them he killed her mom!

  4. I mean the length that the enquire would go to to obtain a story. Same mag that had Whitney casket pics posted all over their cover. Complete disrespect.

  5. They probably drugged him with sedatives, then paid trans to rape him, or drugged him,injected him with a live virus then paid trans to take the fall, and if this turns out to be true, the trans will mysteriously die in prison .

  6. whites hated oj since 94.

    this fool had the nerve to go back to white women after being found not guilty not kinowing whites hated him.

    shame oj was a marked man.

    but George zimmermans still walking around.

  7. phukk oj fool didn’t wanbt to br black no more tuil he was in trouble after that he said phukk black people started phukking more white girls.

    I believe the white fag infected oj just because they wanted to make him pay for what he did.

    I believe oj killed Nicole and ron.

    oj sl;ashed her numerlous times and yes he had a motive.

    Nicole was a druggie whore and oj was sick of it so he killed her.

    and ron goldman was in the way in a fight whos gonna win.

    oj being a built athlete at the time grew up in the hood against a preppy rich white boy who was spoiled yes oj was stronger plus he had a blade ron goldman didn’t stand a chance.

    • Goldman was Nicole’s drug dealer masquerading as a waiter…I honestly think Nicole died b/c of Goldman… wrong time, wrong place.

      Think about it… do you really think Oj is smart enough to successfully perform a “Colombian neck-tie” on two ppl on a sidewalk??

      I used to write news reports in Miami and Chicago and their murders sound like typical Latin American cartel assasinations.

      During Oj’s case the Latin Kings were coming across the border and wrecking shop in a lot of cities and they work/ed with the Mexican and Colombian drug cartels.

      • I believe you 100% BUT

        white jerkazz family guilty about encouraging her to go for OJ money needed him to suffer because of their GUILT

        • I always found it interesting LAPD never did an investigation on Goldman… he may have a been a dealer for the Hungarian-Jewish mafia (they are the stronghold in LA).
          Half of the names IMDB from 80s-90s shows are sex traffickers from this same mafia. I fell down down that rabbit hole thanks to Heidi Fleiss.

          • edit: the production credits on IMDB

            Film industry is how the jewish mafia “washes’ their money, it’s also why Hollywood is ultra-racist against blacks.

      • I watched that murder trial everyDAY and based on the evidence and timeframe there is NO WAY OJ murdered Ron and Nicole….he was just the richest, easiest target to sell a lot of magazines and keep tv ratings up.

        During the trial:
        – a neighbor testified they saw FOUR MEN (Latino looking) running from the scene
        – the CORONER said more than one knife was used
        – another neighbor saw the white Bronco parked at OJ’s home at time of the murders
        – there was NO BLOOD inside the white Bronco
        – there was NO BLOOD inside OJ’s lilly white decorated home

        Police through luminal all over OJ’s house and took the plumbing apart and didn’t find JACK in terms of blood or Nicole or Ron’s DNA.

        There is NO WAY that not ONE, but TWO people can be slaughtered like that by one man only to have DROPLETS of blood PLACED on a sock, a gate door and a car door handle….until court TESTIMONY revealed that some of the BLOOD OJ voluntarily
        DONATED for DNA testing CAME UP M-I-S-S-I-N-G.

        This is NOT hearsay, these are facts…none of which made the news! Read the trial transcripts!

        So after supposedly doing two folks, how did OJ get home? Float? Where are the multiple knives? The bloody clothes?

        And how could he have done this, ditched the clothes and knives, showered, made it home to get his limo and catch a flight to Chicago in 30 minutes?

        The so-called evidence they had – a glove that wouldn’t fit a 10-year-old – was found by a NotSee with a badge who had a hard on for niggaz married to yte women.

        OJ had moved on with his life, was dating someone else and had no motive whatsoever to kill Nicole. And, in fact, the trial brought out that Nicole had written multiple letters to OJ begging him to take her back!

        If he didn’t kill her for banging his friend he certainly wasn’t going to do it because she
        didn’t invite him to dinner after their daughter’s dance recital…which is the WEAK azz
        excuse the prosecutors used as the motive for murder.

        That book, If I Did It, was named by the publisher to make money. As for the Brown and Goldman families, they have both milked this case for all it’s worth through book deals etc. and only want one thing…MONEY!

        OJ’s problem is that he truly believed the hype…that he’d “transcended race.” But ytes sure reminded his azz who and what he was during and since the trial of the century.

        • Bullshit! There was NO BLOOD found in that Bronco and NONE AT ALL found at OJ’s house!

          The DROP of blood found on the door handle, back gate and sock wasn’t found until weeks after the trial started and the pros knew they were clearly LOSING THE CASE.

          Stop repeating shit you heard pundits and tv news anchormen say.

          Furthermore, the cops walked all through the crime scene and one of them even took OJs shoes HOME with him!

          And for the record, black folks never transcend race…its a fantasy and fallacy to ever think we can or will.

          • Also, the random knife removed from OJ’s home was just that, a random eating utensil that had no blood or DNA evidence on it…so it couldn’t be introduced at trial.

            As for “putting the cops on trial,” they should have been put on trial.

            The main cop that claimed to find evidence (the glove), Mark Furhman, wasn’t even supposed to be on the case. He interjected himself into the case by ILLEGALLY hopping OJ’s fence BY HIMSELF without a search warrant and then just happened to “find” this glove.

            Fuhrman (who the defense knew was a rogue cop) lied to the jury by stating he’d never said the word “nigger,” perjured himself and had his ENTIRE TESTIMONY THROWN OUT OF COURT, when by the defense discovered tapes of him sprinkling the word around like rain.

            The cops lied to get a warrant to search OJ’s house by telling the judge he “suddenly left town,” when they’d already spoken to his daughter, Arnelle, and found that he was on a pre-planned business trip for Hertz.

            Instead of booking evidence, one cop put it in the TRUNK OF HIS CAR and took it home!

            Last, the cops never secured the crime scene and never even thought about looking for suspects that could have been tied to Ron Goldman…or considered Nicole’s tawdry lifestyle.

            As Johnnie said, “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit!”

            And nothing “fit.” Not the evidence (glove), timeline or stupid azz motive.

            So the jury did what they were supposed to do…acquitted OJ since the prosecution DID NOT PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that he committed the crime!

          • The knife removed from OJ’s home was just a random eating utensil that had no blood or DNA evidence on it…so it couldn’t be introduced at trial.

            As for “putting the cops on trial,” they should have been put on trial!

            Furhman, the main cop claiming to find the glove, wasn’t even supposed to be on the case. He interjected himself into the case by ILLEGALLY hopping OJ’s fence BY HIMSELF without a search warrant and then just happened to “find” this glove.

            I don’t know about you. But I wouldn’t hop anybody’s fence that I thought had just committed double murder!

            The defense knew Furhman was a rogue cop and caught him in a bold face lie when he claimed he never used the n-word.

            He ended up committing perjury after the defense found tapes of him saying it dozens of times so the jury was allowed to disregard his entire testimony.

            Further, the cops lied to get their search warrant by telling the judge OJ “suddenly left town” when they’d already spoken to his daughter, Arnelle, and knew he was on a pre-planned business trip for Hertz.

            Instead of booking evidence (OJ’s shoes), one of the cops (think it was Vannatter) put them in the TRUNK OF HIS CAR and took them home!

            Last, the cops never secured the crime scene and never even thought about looking for suspects that could have been tied to Ron Goldman…or considered Nicole’s tawdry lifestyle.

            Convicting someone of double homicide isn’t a game that’s decided by public opinion.

            The burden of proof was on the prosecution and they miserably failed to meet that burden.

            As Johnnie said, “If it doesn’t fit you must acquit!”

            And nothing “fit.” Not the evidence (glove), timeline or stupid azz motive.

            So the jury did what they were supposed to do…acquit OJ since the prosecution DID NOT PROVE BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT that he committed the crime!

  8. This is not true but he is sick from some rare cancer that has formed. Months ago, they have already reported his illness. Y’all want everybody to be gay. Smh.

    • I agree. Look how blood red his eyes are. I could see it being more like liver or brain cancer than HIV

      • Remember karma is everybody’s cousin…what you wish on someone else could touch you too.

      • And don’t you find it ODD, that all three died relatively young (well, not terribly old.) From the same thing. especially since brain cancer is not overly common. Hellava co incidence…NOT

        • That shit was a full-on set up. The only person who wasn’t adversely affected is that devil, Robert Shapiro. That son-of-a-bitch is still walking around, just cavalier. He had a son who OD’d, but who gaf?

  9. Many Hollywood Whores Date Celebrities Either To Clear Up Gay Rumors Or To Set Up Celebrities
    There Was A Comedian Back In 80’s He Was Hanging Around With A Hooker Invited Her Back To His Hotel Room They Did Drugs
    Then The Next Morning He Died And The Hooker Was Nowhere To Be Seen!!!!!!

  10. Borthers?! Why ya’ll keep on letting transgender ram a penis in ya’ll booty crack? Don’t that hurt? I feel sorry for OJ. He thought he was untouchable.

      • Also Her Mother Played A Part As well. In A Interview Mike Said That “Don Will Even Sell His Own Mother For Money”

    • It’s funny how everyone wants to blame Robin Givens and her mother for Mike Tyson’s downfall but absolve his “handlers” who were raping him with no Vaseline.

      Mike was taken advantage of out the gate by Cus who had him literally signed to a SLAVE contract which named the next “handler” in line to manage Mike should Cus die (and he did).

      Robin said if she’d been the type of woman who “just wanted to shop all day” their marriage would of lasted.

      Unfortunately, she was educated and knew…and pointed out to Mike…that he was being USED and was in an unfair contract where management and everyone else was making more money than he.

      There was too much money to be made and when the powers that be saw that she had sense, wasn’t enamored by shiny things and couldn’t be CONTROLLED…they used their PR Machine to destroy her and dissolve the marriage…the same thing the NOI did to Sonji, Muhammad Ali’s first wife, when she questioned his religion and didn‘t just go along with the program.

      They quickly found Ali a wife born and bred in their dogma so the wheels of prosperity could keep right on rolling.

      Our problem in a lot of cases, is that we’re so QUICK to believe everything we hear and swallow the propaganda folks throw at us hook, line and sinker.

      • It could be a manchurian candidate situation. I never bought it that O J flew into a jealous rage because nicole was about to bang a waiter. but his own programming might have caused him to do it. After POP starlets and actresses aren’t athletes the biggest victims of unscrupulous handlers and mind control? Prior to the murder dis he even have a criminal record?

      • there is virtually no one in the Black legal community who think that OJ is innocent of the crimes

        Not true, hence the celebrations throughout the black community when justice was served and he was acquitted.

        • Preach, Mama. My mother is a Black woman in the legal community who worked in the industry all but 3 years of my life. I have been in the industry since I was 15. I have yet to hear a Black person in the legal field claim OJ is guilty of murdering Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. If a Simpson did it, it was Jason.

          • Jason would have been tried by now.

            jason has no clout to beat a murder case unless oj was gonna pay his way out.

          • Jason didn’t need clout, his father had all of it in the early-to-mid 1990’s. I always felt that OJ took that charge for Jason. Jason had the most motive. His family and his life were never the same after OJ and Marguerite divorced and Nicole entered the picture.

            So many Black celebs backed OJ, Arnell (sp) and Jason then. I remember Oprah giving OJ’s 2 eldest kids money (reportedly $1 million each). So to say OJ was shunned by Black people is a flat out lie.

        • I disagree with you that OJ’s defense believed/knew he was guilty.

          Did you see Cochran’s opening remarks? He was like a bull in a China shop.

          His closing remarks were riveting!!!!

          And I had the pleasure of meeting him at his book signing after the case…he absolutely believed in OJ wholeheartedly…Shapiro is the one who (in my opinion) was only in it for the loot.

          • I don’t k ow about the others but Kim kardashian said her father thought OJ was innocent. Her mother blamed him.for helping the guy she thought killed her best friend. But Robert Kardashian believed in OJ innocence. It caused a huge rift between her parents at the time.

  11. Not to be funny but I heard prison is not like the real world and some people change when they r there

  12. I watched a show called ‘Hollywood Scandals’ and this particular episode was about OJ. Maaaaan, white folks loved them some OJ BEFORE he killed those 2 Sprites. He was the golden boy of the NFL back in the 70’s.
    After he got off for killings, he should of moved out of the country for about 5 or 6 years, came back and tried to re-invent himself. Other players have done it and was able to play football again. Had he just went away and came back years later, he would’ve probably got a gig on ESPN, but noooooo he had to rub shyt in the devils faces and he finally gave them the ammunition they needed, DUMMY!!

  13. I think this is a load of crap. This is just his way of trying to get released early.

  14. I hope this story is not true. Dont wish bad on nobody but I think OJ was setup in prison to contract this disease if he has it the same way they set him up to steal back his memorabilia in Vegas. I dont know what to say about this man except he’s an idiot. Why not after the verdict he didnt leave the states and go to an island but now your dying a horrible death.

    • I ended up watching this and other Cokely videos last night. In one of the later videos, Stevw talks about that matter. I knew O.J. was trying to get black sympathy when he said he donated money to the Links. Since when do the Links need money?

  15. @13:21 Mike has fallen off. I liked Mike they destroyed him robin just a money hungry hoe too greedy and the young hoe who thought her hot pocket would open up Mike wallet when he smash her and kicked her out she cried rape. U knew wat it was when u got a watcha doing phone call at 2am lol

  16. Don’t forget, the Enquirer once said Michael Jackson was gong to die in June of 2009, they were right. In 2012, the NE once said Whitney Houston was near death. Days later, Whitney died at the Beverly Hilton. Some of the top executives at NE are former FBI and CIA agents. I’m not sure if this is true, but if it is, score one more for the NE.

    • You know when Hitler destroyed the Jews, the first thing he did was have their heroes killed

    • That’s who said MJ was going to die in 6 mos and he died during that timeframe! OMG!

    • You’re right! DO NOT SLEEP on the National Enquirer. They seldom are wrong when it comes to their predictions.

  17. Outside of his immediate family and diehard friends, few will weep for a man that killed his wife and her friend in cold blood…Guilty As Charged! Kiss OJ goodbye…It’s A Wrap!!!

    • You don’t know that he killed anybody. That was an Illuminati hit because OJ wasn’t complying with their orders. OJ never killed anyone,he is too much of a coward. The evidence was staged and he was framed. When you sign your name in blood you make a deal with Satan and that is what OJ did. He did not understand it is blood in and blood out. OJ was set up twice,and because he was a self hating nigger he made it easy for them to set him up.

      • Keith, the bs is for the birds, not trying to hear it. OJ Simpson is a lesson for all of us… Stay Grounded, Birds Can Fly!!!

  18. OJ was injected with full blown AIDS virus not HIV. That trans will still be walking around after OJ is dead. OJ is getting taking out but not for the murders he committed. No no they would have did that a long time ago. Believe these devils knew OJ killed NB and RG because he was ordered to. Wake up and go back and put the pieces of the puzzle together. OJ knew this time was coming. His daughter has eyes on her. Watch!

    • Let’s not forget the man is OLD. almost 70

      I believe you 100% BUT

      white jerkazz family guilty about encouraging her to go for OJ money needed him to suffer because of their GUILT

    • 1.) What’s the full blown AIDS virus? LOL
      2.) Who “injected” OJ and why? What threat is he to anyone at age 70 in jail with diabetes and weighing 300 lbs? Was it the Illumanti? The Bildebergers? You think the global elitists that regulate the IMF and Oil Cartels put whacking a fat old football player on their agenda?

    • Sorry but you are wrong about that. A few years back researchers in France announced they had developed a vaccine that was a cure for AIDS in that it stopped HIV from becoming full blown aids. Less than 3 weeks later the CDC in America announced that there was a new super virulent strain of HIV that was going full blown AIDS within weeks. Google it.

  19. Don’t think these devils cared about Nichole and Ronald. They had to be removed. She knew too much and she told Ron so OJ had to do away with both. OJ is crazy now because he had to do it and something they want from his daughter! Wait and see!

  20. They injected him with AIDS just like they did Eazy-E who was neither a homo or a needle using drug addict. All of sudden Eazy-E dies with full blown AIDS. They killed him and now they are doing the same to OJ. If this idiot had any sense he would tell all before he dies.

  21. Yall are really dumb and believe anything.

    1.) AIDS takes years to develop.
    2.) OJ isn’t important enough to get whacked by the global elite.
    3.) He has diabetes and hypertension plus likely CTE from years of football. He will be dead sooner than later regardless.

    • Perhaps its similar to the way you care enough to comment about the stupidity here. Some things defy logic

  22. BREAKING: Another 18-year-old Black male was murdered by the police in Ferguson, MO.

  23. So if a person has full blown aids, they take his blood and injected into another person, that person will just have HIV. Got it! Smdh! Sports and the elite ties go waaaaay back silly. OJ was still walking around because they had use for him. Now they’re done with him! Keep sleepwalking if you want Pinky and the Brain.

  24. I don’t think he did it. Brentwood was known for drug traffickers who were married to famous, or semi-famous people. She had a bad drug debt and he got framed because he was so arrogant. Everyone knew he beat her, so, she was killed and he was the perfect set up.

    OJ so wanted to be white and at the end of his life, he wound up as a typical kid outta da projects: in da joint.

  25. You know that chick who killed her boyfriend Jody Arias they infected her with hepatisis c. They had it in for her. Same thing with Amy Fisher the long island Lolita. Her mom said she was raped in prison by the guards.

  26. A White Lesbian Couple Is Suing A Sperm Bank For Giving Them Black Sperm
    They Live In A All White Area Their Suing For Stress And Racial Taunts Their Getting From Their White Neighbors

  27. O no say it ain’t so o.j. say it ain’t so well o.j. i guess you should’ve stayed on the golf course, and not go strong armed ol boy for your trophies and ended up on lock down. This is disturbing news also sad too bad o.j. well I guess you walk the green mile and get right wit Jesus, repent o.j. cleanse your soul man, they’re comen for you. What ever happened to o.j.’s college buddy and long time friend al Collings? I hope I have his name correct, he’s been very quiet sense the o.j. thing 15 16 years ago. Ol al went on with his life quite like out of the lime light, I wonder if him and o.j. still cool? Do they still talk because they were really good friends in college and during the NFL days, well o.j. repent give your soul back to god and keep prayer mane, good luck sad to hear such a thing. But we have to go down this road one way or another I guess.

  28. Well when you think about it we all have hits on our heads really they managed to bring Ebola here to off us one at a time once the mosquitos get one person with this disease it’ll bite and transfer it to the humans this is how we will be diagnosed with it and shortly after drop dead, we’re almost in the same shoes as o.j. only different diseases, they brought that deadly virus here to eliminate us, slowly but surely so o.j. just so they say made contact with a trans and time is ticking for him and us.lord help us

    • No dumbass. I didn’t say shit about race. I simply told the commenter to build up his immune system and avoid mosquitos if he is worried about being bitten by a virus carrying insect. It has f*ck all to do with you so mind your own g d business. No one was taking to you anyway.

  29. Come on know this is the Enquirer where this info came from………………6 months ago they said he was going to die in 6 months from a ” brain tumor” and he aint dead yet…………are people really speculating what the Enquirer has to say?

  30. OJ got just what he bargained for. I feel no sympathy for this Uncle Tom ass Fool.

  31. He looks diabetic and like he has high blood pressure.. If not controlled those things can be deadly as well..

  32. I hope he has it and dies with extreme pain, He did kill two PEOPLE, destroying many lives and got away with it… feeling he could do anything and get away with it he took a gun to get "his" stuff back, taking other stuff as well…Black or White, Yellow or Green it was wrong! He deserves to get what he gets ..which if the aids story is true, he got it up the BUTT. Karma is a bitch and could have happened to a nicer person. taking certain meds will make him blow up like a "FAT COW" and he not even pregnant.
    P.S. the slang writing just shows how ignorant people can be!!!!!!

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