Dr. Drew Says ‘Get Over It’; Herpes is Just a Rash!!!

Dr. Drew thinks the herpes hysteria surrounding the Usher sex scandal is ridiculous and people are making the disease sound far worse than it is.

Drew appeared on “TMZ Live” Friday and made it clear … people should tell their sex partners if they have herpes. But he says the stigma that we’ve attached to it is so overblown some people who contracted it have contemplated suicide.

Dr. Drew also said he’s contacted Lisa Bloom, the lawyer for Usher’s accusers, challenging her … saying it’s almost as if everyone needs to go to LegalZoom for the proper forms before getting down.


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  2. The only reason this botch is saying that because he has it!

    Herpes is NOT some simple disease, if you are having on outbreak and someone else has another disease it is easier for you to contract it because it is an open sore on your skin!

    Outside of that people have committed suicide over having it shit jim carrey’s ex did!
    And a baby recently died from being kissed by someone with it!

    The bottom line is any one who has it BY LAW has to disclose that to their partner or they can be brought up on charges and sued!

    This is one of the few diseases that is life-long and should not be treated like a common cold being passed along for those who have it!

    • I was thinking the same thing.

      Life long DISEASES is not a rash! Cortisone will not get rid of it over night.

      I would be devastated to hear the words ” you have herpes” come out of my doctor/nurse professionals mouth.

      Seems like he’s speaking from experience and wants to make lite of the situation.

  3. That’s that Hollywood/porn mentality. Just a rash. Dumbass. Heck a nail in a tire isn’t a problem until it starts leaking.

    • What said is not true?

      Herpes is everything said it can and has killed babies with weak immune systems and it is a life long DISEASE which is easily transmitted.

      The stupid one here is you.

  4. So dumb you’re forgetting shingles is herpes chicken pox are herpes its a virus

    • But chicken pox and shingles are NOT HSV I or II which are transmitted differently DUMBASS!

    • And I mean differently than the ones you mentioned.

      If they were all the exact same they would NOT have different names. The only similarity is they are all easy to catch and they all stay in your system after you contract them.

      I swear everyone thinks they are a doctor…even when the actual doctor is as stupid as you and the other person calling people stupid…

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