Drake & Future Sued by Woman Raped at Their Concert

drake future sued rape

Drake and Future are being sued by a woman who claims she was raped at one of their concerts.

In the $25 million lawsuit, the woman says a man named Leavy Johnson, who was associated with one of the concert venues, approached her and told her he could get her backstage to meet the rappers. That’s when he allegedly violently attacked her.

Johnson has been arrested and charged with rape and is awaiting trial. He also has outstanding warrants for pior assaults that happened before the rape.


  1. Future is a “real nigga” and Drake is a wannabe “real nigga” so they can’t or wouldn’t assist the police anyway.
    Fucking dirtbags.
    She should know that a rapper’s entourage r the scum of the eath.

    • “She should know that a rapper’s entourage r the scum of the earth”

      And where does it say anything remotely close to Johnson being part of drakes or futures “entourage”.
      Johnson was accisiated with the concert venue, not drake, future, or any other performer

  2. Where was this hallway he dragged her through? Don’t these security men have ID that shows who they work for? Maybe he was privately hired by these two rap ‘stars’. Maybe not. Maybe he wasn’t even part of any crew and that’s what this is really about. Who is guilty of having him there!

  3. If he was associated w/one of the venues, how thn are u suing the performers who were paid to perform @ said venue. Feel bad tht tht happened to her, but if u weren’t gifted w/backstage passes, u shldn’t b following anybody alone in a big venue bc they claim they can get u backstage. I dnt care who they claim to b.

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