Diddy Gives a Drunk Speech in Honor of Jay Z As Beyonce Watches in Horror!

diddy jay z speech beyonce

Someone made the mistake of giving Diddy the mic at Clive Davis’ after-Grammy’s party to honor Jay Z.

Diddy admits he had already taken 40 (yes, 40!!!) shots of alcohol before giving his speech and as Beyonce stood next to him trying to play nice, Diddy put her on blast about her fear of public speaking.


Is it time for an intervention or is Diddy just out here living his best life?


  1. He’s starting to embarrass himself. If he admits 40 shots then he has built up a tolerance to alcohol. These HWood parties remind me of grade school where the unpopular (aka as BM and BW) kid was so happy and felt honored to be invited to the _______ (insert YT, smart, pretty, etc.) kid’s birthday party that they sat mute or talked nonstop.

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