Cardi B on Fame: ‘I Feel Like I Don’t Even Own My Own Life’

cardi b hates fame

Cardi B sat down with Zendaya for an interview with CR Fashion Book and had this to say about her newfound fame.

“One negative thing is that, even though I’m happy, I feel like I was a little bit happier two or three years ago when I had less money,” she admitted. “I had less people who had opinions about my life. I felt like my life was mine. Now I feel like I don’t even own my life. I feel like the world owns me.”

This isn’t the first time she has talked about her struggles with dealing with fame. Just check out this video of her having an absolute breakdown over the “fake” industry.

She has only been mainstream for about 2.5 seconds. Do you think she will last?


  1. Awe to bad sorry to hear that Not come on don’t they have friends in this business that tell you about that life style way before you even come in contact not with just the demons it self but also that you will have a very loving and caring relationship with Mr Satan himself lesson for the day don’t sale your soul .

    • Her life was hers until she signed up with the baddy folks. Now she is realizing her life is not hers. She is right. Her life is hers no more.

  2. She’s got to make good on those investments that her career is based on. Weird how she came on the scene at the tail-end of Nicki Minaj’s career?

  3. I fucks wit Cardi B, but this what you signed up for baby girl…..however, you always repent. But who am I…I’m just an average joe who didn’t sell his soul for fame and fortune.

  4. Whateva hoe. Get back on the stroll an make Warner Music they $$$$ ho. U know the game ask Offset lol

  5. It’s what she signed up for. Unfortunately for her it’s only going to get worst. I hope she doesn’t try to kill herself

    • Imagine she signs that big contract, then some executive tells her she has a special invite to this party and must attend. In the middle of the party she is the main star to perform some dastardly act, the worse of the worse. She tries to back out, so what do they do or say to her to make her go forward with it. Then she is told there will be more parties to attend. What a life.

  6. She is getting everything she signed up for.

    No one made her sign a deal with the devil and peddle that garbage to the community.

  7. You can’t get out of this if you wanted too I just realized I am a fucking foool got me doing things I don’t want to do people try to tell me I said you a foool now people in my face saying what the hell is wrong with yoou bodack remix

  8. then y would she give a nigga 500,000 when she aint got to when she not gettin her moneys worth

  9. She’s currently my favorite short person. Fall back.

    I ain’t gon say it no mo
    Is we finished

  10. She somehow speaks her truth and knows there is a cost associated with fame and riches. I’ll pass.
    Show business always finds the neediest people to perform. It’s sad in a way.

  11. That is what happens when you sell your soul and your asshole for temporary fame and money!

  12. Her vocabulary is limited ,shouldn’t she go back to school to improve herself,then she would not be so unhappy! She needs something to look forward to,improving herself would take the lonely way she feels now into pride of her accomplishments in her improvements of self!

    • Why?
      there are a lot of people with limited vocabularies in high prestige positions.
      Including the Whitehouse.

      She just gave you insight to the down side of the
      she articulated that on a PhD level: “It’s all fake”

  13. When you play with the alphabet boys you get played cardi B is just a female tool until they find a female artist who they really can capitalize off

    None of this is real!

    Now you know why…these folks SNAP.
    “A PRISONER TO THE FAME”. ……Finally arrived, made it…and now you see the real deal!

    Good Luck

  15. Y’all silly. lol she didn’t sell her soul to the devil. She is talking about people like y’all who judge her.

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